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Satan’s Synagogue atop the New World Order The evil Empire of Secret Societies’ relentless and tragic climb to supremacy has led mankind to the point in its history when practically every person in the highest positions is a member of Secret Societies.

There are only two historical perspectives: one in which everything happens by coincidence and the other in which everything happens on purpose. The first is held by the ignorant, dumb, and liars, whereas the second is held by the smart. History is constructed on purpose, not by happenstance. Two public personalities separated by time realized this.

"Nothing happens by chance in politics," said Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1955), the 32nd President of the United States. If anything happens, you can bet it was designed that way." "The world is run by people who are extremely different from those who are expected by the public," British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli noted (1804-1881). These two simple statements demonstrate the fundamental premise that underpins the substantive and proper study of History: that every major event in politics, economics, finance, and international relations is the result of calculated power moves by secret cabals seeking absolute and eternal world control. In short, history is created by invisible forces acting with planned goals. As a result, people who understand that history is formed by mostly invisible forces understand and can identify the ongoing titanic power struggle within the historical process. A sad battle that constantly modifies the present in order to prepare for the desired future, but which most people do not understand or comprehend. That is why, regardless of how closely they follow the "news" spewed forth by the controlled media, people who do not comprehend this reality find current events baffling and modern diplomacy mystifying.

Because of this ignorance and naiveté, even the most intelligent people can be duped by unseen forces at work behind the scenes. People who understand this reality, who see hidden hands at work behind the scenes, and who watch the consequences of this activity by primarily invisible powers, recognize that all major events are planned and, in many cases, predicted. As a result, a smart history student rapidly recognizes that the most surprising aspect of their studies is that what appear to be countless, chaotic, and unrelated historical occurrences are in fact none of these. that they are all intricately linked by a deliberate design and held together by a purposeful mind guiding them over centuries. Equipped with such knowledge, the true student of history becomes less vulnerable, less affected, and far more difficult to control by those seeking ultimate control over everyone, everywhere, and forever. This is why those seeking absolute power have always tried hard to conceal their evil intentions from those who would be most harmed by them. Power is always most secure and always more effective when it is not acknowledged and its source is safely disguised. As a result, the ultimate temporal force on Earth has always sought to conceal itself from those whom it seeks to govern. Furthermore, this authority, this secret force, has gone to great lengths to keep its name and identity hidden. The Lords of Power have spent a significant amount of time and effort concealing their existence and objectives from public scrutiny. That is why they live in and mercilessly administer the darkempiree of the hidden societies. In order to protect their true identities and powers, they have been harsh and nasty.

The Occult Hierarchy leads the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies and is part of a tightly knit network of inter-generational Luciferian dynasties whose lineages are elevated above all others by fellow Luciferians. Their occult power is such that they rule over the so-called "Rothschild Tribunal," which consists of the high councils of organized witchcraft, Freemasonry, and the Illuminati: the Council of 13 (grand masters of freemasonry) and the Council of 33 (grand masters of freemasonry), which serve as the primary council for the Brotherhood of Death. It is also absent from the so-called Council of Nine, sometimes known as the "Nine Unknown Men." Above these unholy partnerships sits the true temporal and secular authority in the globe, in an old Luciferian religion with deep roots in human history. a horrible presence that has steadily, inexorably acquired great power and influence, the imprint of which on the historical process can be clearly seen by anybody with eyes to see.

This ancient Luciferian religion may contain the hidden force behind the great power movements that change history. And it is in this ancient Luciferian cult, unknown even to those who believe themselves elevated within the Dark Empire of Hidden Societies, that the organizational mind behind the ancient scheme for a world empire may be discovered. a demonic intelligence that penetrates the Dark Empire of Secret Societies that it cruelly rules. A cool, calculated mind that guides the vast, age-old system with the ultimate goal of establishing world government under its direct rule. The Dark Empire of the Hidden Groups' network of societies, cults, and sects is the actual temporal and secular authority on Earth, exhibiting its power and influence at the highest levels of global statecraft and everywhere. Additionally, placemen, agentur, and lackeys who are members of these secret societies and are promoted to the highest levels of government as a result of their participation. This highly evil and exceedingly wicked cabal is comprised of inter-generational Luciferians and Satanists who are the highest exponents of a type of magic known as black magic and are the "dark" or "black" adepts in the Cult of Evil, who are the principal human agents of evil on Earth. And it is this ancient, organized intellect, this Luciferian and Satanic spirituality manifested in the Cult of Evil and represented by these Black Adepts, that Christ referred to as the Synagogue of Satan—great humanity's and terrible suffering.

Hence, the religion of evil is the worship of evil, Satan's synagogue. It is extremely old—in fact, it is the world's oldest religion—and it is ruled by two dark gods with great spiritual power known as Lucifer and Ahriman (Satan). These Black Adepts are men of unparalleled secular might and, in the temporal sense, the hidden lords of this planet due to their inherited occult and temporal authority. This is why they are variously referred to as the "Hidden Chiefs," "Ascended Masters," "divine tutors," "the Occult Hierarchy," or whatever, and, more simply, the "Shadow Government" of thisworldd. This same demonic force was at work in the Jewish groups who opposed Christ during His mission in Palestine: the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Scribes. The power and influence of the Cult of Evil, the Synagogue of Satan, is so great currently that only a few people in various countries wield true authority and jointly wield the most power in the modern world. And it is the Cult of Evil, this Satanic Synagogue, that holds such unparalleled power and is the actual and exclusive "Global Elite."

Notwithstanding their public perceptions of their political leaders and the seeming authority of their once sovereign parliaments, the ultimate temporal and secular power on Earth is found elsewhere. It is found in the dark, Luciferian Empire of Hidden Societies, but especially in the ultimate manifestation of this Luciferian Creed: a highly hidden cabal of occult and secular authority, power gathered over many years, the Cult of Evil. This super-secret power conspiracy has captured all useful individuals, including politicians and religious leaders. The agentur are the conspiracy's go-betweens, working to advance the interests of their unseen masters by corrupting and betraying the organizations and institutions they swore to safeguard. This conspiracy has controlled Western society for years, and its power has grown to the point where it can now rule the entire world and modify its fate to suit its sinister purposes. This is not hyperbole, sensationalism, or "conspiracy theory," but "conspiracy fact": the truth. Those who argue otherwise are either stupid or liars.

Although Freemasonry prides itself on being the world's most powerful secret organization, it is incapable of carrying out the enormous and terrible task of usurping Creation. In reality, it is not even taken into account. Although the Masonic network and lodge structure are critical to the International Revolutionary Movement for World Government, the genuine power brokers are extremely secretive and take great care to remain hidden from society's view. There are only three in the UK, two in Ireland, eight in France, six in Germany, and twenty in North and South America. Consider, dear reader, that 39 men are essentially the world's highest rulers... and still they crave more... much more...

There are no presidents, prime ministers, generals, admirals, CEOs, or bankers among the true "Global Elite," this super-secret power conspiracy, Satan's synagogue, or secret order. They are not required, because the tremendous wealth and advantages collected by this clandestine conspiracy over millennia will corrupt everyone and any aspirant to power and influence. Consequently, there are 39 extremely wealthy men, wealthy enough to avoid any security and corrupt the morality of practically any man alive. They have agents in Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Jesuits, and any other secret organization. It has also dominated organized Jewry for many centuries, exacerbating and exploiting the animosity between Jew and Gentile. These individuals have the capacity to alter all sectors of society, particularly the courts and politics. They rule the United Nations, the European Union, and the United States by placing influence agents—their agentur—in key positions. Some of these animals hold positions of power at the Vatican. They wield sway over the media, academics, social movements, political parties, and labor unions. Ideology has no bearing on them because they are above such trivial concerns.

Praying for Protection From Demons

Oh, Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Today I ask for you to stand against your worst enemy, the Devil, and his army of demons.

Please, Lord, protect the Kingdom you created here on Earth in your image and stand against those evil agents who seek to undo all of the goodness and love that you have spread through your faithful servants here in life.

Cast out those who attempt to work within your followers for wicked means and send them back to the depths of Hell below for all of eternity.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

The Great Tribulation

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The Watchman

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