Watchman: Unlike in the Days of the Old Covenant, When Ezekiel and Jeremiah Were Sent Out by the Lord To Warn the “House of Israel,” Modern-Day “Watchmen” Are Not Being Summoned in the Same Way


Unlike in the days of the Old Covenant, when Ezekiel and Jeremiah were sent out by the Lord to warn the "House of Israel," modern-day "watchmen" are not being summoned in the same way.

No, modern-day watchmen are being summoned to sound the alarm about the "Household of God," the vast majority of whom are actually corporate church members, Freemasons, and fake believers.

Warning:Totalitarianism is the warm bath where people cut off their hands. It surrounds people with silly rules, strange beliefs, immoral tasks, and sacrifices that they have to make. It lies to its victims about the government's love, which makes them feel good. The citizen is stripped of everything he once called his own, starting with his free will and ending with the thoughts that were going through his mind. It slowly took away each person's identity until the population turned into weak, colorless copies of the dark, all-pervasive state. Humans have no purpose if they don't have the guts to act, the desire to think, the wisdom to pray, or the conscience to speak out against wrongdoing. Society loses all of its life force, creativity, faith, and fun until it sinks below the water and stops breathing.


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