Watchman: Google FakeBook and Others Cannot and Will Not Stop Prophecy: The Real-Time Gog and Magog Connection Between Russia and Hamas

SRH: Gives Warning: Gog and Magog Have Taken Shape as the Banking System Collapses, New Leaders Are Emerging to Oppose the Davos Crowd, Led by Four Countries That Are Leading the Rest of the Non-Western World Today: China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Iran—Bible Hell on Earth! Please do not post HNewsWire articles on Trump Truth, Gab, Parler, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter social media platforms. We Are Not Comfortable With Their Anti-Christian, Anti-American Nazi Philosophy. StevieRay Hansen It is impossible to find anyone in the Bible who was a power for God who did not have enemies and was not hated. Anarchy is loosed upon the world. People who continue to get their news and patronize Facebook, Google, or Twitter have made their choice. and continue to poke God in the eye. They don’t deserve the truth.

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The Bible says in Amos 4:7, "And I will make it rain on one city and not on another city" for the first year. This will happen when the Messiah, son of David, comes. In the second year of that time, there will be a famine. In the third year, there will be a terrible famine that will kill many people, including holy and learned people.

In the first year of the break cycle, there will be bad weather and strange conditions all over the world. Some places will have droughts and others will have floods. In today's world, that happens all the time.

"And famine will strike in the second year." In 2021, we thought that what was happening now was just the start of bigger problems that would come the next year, such as a possible famine and deaths.

If this happens, there will be a terrible plague the next year, but not everyone may notice its affects right away. The forecast says that in the third year, there will be a major global disaster that will kill many people. We know that millions of people have died because of the mRNA vaccine.

Lockdowns and other "protective measures" that got in the way of their schoolwork and socializing hurt them the most. Kids spent a lot of time on Google, and it's clear that this had bad effects.

I remember the first long lockdown, during which kids were not allowed to play in the park. It made me very sad, and I know of a few instances where teens have tried to kill themselves. For many reasons, the treatment turned out to be harder than the fake disease.

I saw that left-wing protests and social meetings were allowed, but synagogues and churches were closed. Because of this, it is very important to remember this forecast.

The normal calendar starts in January, while the Jewish calendar starts in the Hebrew month of Tishrei, which is around September. This makes the two dates a little out of sync with each other. In either the fifth year, which is 2022, or the second year, which is 2019, there will be a lot of hellion on Earth.

In the fifth and sixth years, or the last year, there will be talks about conflicts. In the seventh year, these conflicts will get worse and turn into major fights.

The Jewish calendar began at the end of September, so there would be problems because of that. Unfortunately, that's exactly what we saw at the start of the Jewish year, which fits with this seven-year time frame.

Some people have told me that there was a clear pattern that led to the Israeli war.

Before it started, the major story in Jewish news was the conflict in Israel, which was like a civil war with irrational fighting, protests, and troops refusing to report for duty. This was a very important time for Israel and the Jewish people because our enemies could see how disorganized and weak we were. having an understanding that disagreements and fights among Jews usually end in terrible things.

We talked about lack of strength but unexpected link between Russia and the Hamas attack on October 7.

The peace deal that Saudi Arabia and Israel signed not long ago, in September, was the subject of a lot of debate. As part of this deal, trade would grow and a train network would be built to connect Saudi Arabia to Europe via Israel. Pipelines that would have let Saudi Arabia send its oil to Europe would have been an important part of this deal. Israel can now get gas, and they want to build pipes to connect to Europe. Russia had problems because it relied too much on sending oil and gas to Europe. What the deal between Saudi Arabia and Israel meant for Israel was bad for Russia.

Both Russia and the Palestinians wanted the deal to fail. Russia thought this war was a big success because it kept the world's attention off of them and protected their gas and oil revenues. All of a sudden, people talked a lot about Israel and Hamas. A year ago, many people in the West stood with the Ukrainians. Now, however, the attention is on the Palestinians. I think that Russia may have helped or backed the Hamas attack.

Because of that, Russia gets a boost. Additionally, Ukraine is currently seeing a drop in total funding and financial aid. It's important to note that Russia hosted a Hamas group in Moscow soon after the event and again a few weeks later. Russia doesn't think of Hamas as a terrorist group. One of the heads of Hamas, Abu Marzouk, told the media that Russia is their main ally.

"It is interesting to point out that Vladimir Putin's birthday is on October 7, even though we don't believe in coincidences." Hamas gave Putin a gift for his birthday.

Because of this, they have run away from swords—along with the drawn bow, the sharpened blade, and the heat of war. 21:15 in Isaiah

This passage describes swords, and the Israeli attack is called Swords of Iron. 21:15 in Isaiah

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