Watchman: Here’s What’s Actually in mRNA Vaccines: The Evidence Offered by la Quinta Columna Indicates That Civilization Is Being Driven to Transhumanism–Tribulation In Play

The Message of Rising Excess Deaths – Don’t Mess With Our DNA Bill Gates ,If there is one thing the plandemic data should have taught us by now it is don’t mess with DNA – it is the anchor that our life depends on.


La Quinta Columna recently published its findings and conclusions on the strange, self-assembling nanotech they discovered in the Pfizer mRNA vaccines via optical microscopy analysis. The objects found in the vaccines correspond with known items in the scientific records. The conclusions they’ve come to seem quite clear: the well-documented scientific goal to use nanotechnology in living human beings to form networks capable of controlling several nanomachines is currently being deployed in the COVID - 19 vaccines, which amounts to the most intrusive assault against humanity in all of recorded history.

Ricardo Delgado: All the vaccines tested ( Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, and Moderna), contain nanotechnology exclusively.

Irrefutable Proof of Self Assembly Structures in C19 Shots - Time Lapsed Videos Show Microchip like Structures Assembling and Disassembling - (Updated Video Links)

Dr. David Nixon, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz and Electrical Engineer Matt Taylor, and Dr. Ana Mihalcea

Dr. Ana’s Newsletter
Irrefutable Proof of Self Assembly Structures in C19 Shots - Time Lapsed Videos Show Microchip like Structures Assembling and Disassembling - (Updated Video Links)
Image Courtesy Dr. David Nixon. Pfizer drop dried on a slide for 2 months is a continual microchip factory In this weeks Dr. Ana’s Science of Light Show I interview Dr. David Nixon, Dr. Shimon Yanowitz and Electrical Engineer Matt Taylor. Here is the link to this important video…
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Recently doctors and scientists of La Quinta Columna called out Drs. Cole and McCullough for “throwing shade on their research and that of other scientists around the world showing the presence of graphene oxide in the covid shots. 

Basically, Drs. Cole and McCullough want us to believe that the presence of GO in vaccines is a conspiracy theory. Is it? The truth can be easily found in multiple studies published on the NIH website.

Functionalized graphene oxide serves as a novel vaccine nano-adjuvant for robust stimulation of cellular immunity

Potential of graphene-based materials to combat COVID-19: properties, perspectives, and prospects

Three-dimensional self-assembly of graphene oxide and DNA into multifunctional hydrogels

Lipid Nanoparticles and Their Hydrogel Composites for Drug Delivery: A Review


Prove all things; hold fast that which is good - 1 Thessalonians 5:21

The MRNA and DNA Vaccinations Are Based on Biotech’s Revolutionary Gene-Editing Methods: Watchman Sees Big Trouble Pestilence Through Kill Shots This is Considered Human Experimentation on an Unsuspecting Populace

By StevieRay Hansen | March 5, 2023 |

I SRH, fiercely defend my anti-Vaccine position, and advocate a pro-God, pure immune system for all true Believers. No God No Cure, and Vaccine Completely Useless (Bill Gates and Co)… The 5th Wave Is Coming Get Ready For Global Lock-down, the Elitist Need to Think About What They Have Done and Take Cover, AntiChrist Makes His Appearance Soon… Read HNewsWire- There are several reasons to be concerned about the COVID-19 vaccinations, which were rushed to market with little testing and aggressively sold to an uneducated population, potentially resulting in massive, permanent negative repercussions. One possible effect is that the limited supply of progenitor B cells in the bone marrow is depleted early in life, preventing the production of new antibodies against pathogenic pathogens. Even more concerning is the likelihood that these vaccinations, both mRNA and DNA vector vaccines, may become…

Watchman Warning: Make No Mistake, Your Own Government Is Lying to You. The CDC Basically Rewrote These Rules on the Fly, Yet Moderna’s SEC Registration Confirms That Its mRNA Injections Are Defined as Gene Therapy. It’s Time to Put Them Gates and Co. In Jail, Our GOD Will Send Them To Hell

By StevieRay Hansen | March 4, 2023 |

“son of man” “give them warning” “you wicked person, you will surely die” HNewsWire: We went from burning the witches to blaming the non-vaccinated. Wake up people, blame government and pharma, and if you still can’t see the light, get another COVID shot. Most recently, The Associated Press (AP) tried to debunk the idea that COVID shots are gene therapy, but as you’ll see, they’re either lying to protect the industry, or have gotten so inept they don’t know how to do investigative journalism anymore. Either way, it doesn’t reflect well on their credibility. AP Lies About COVID Shots Not Being Gene Therapy AP, at the end of December 2022, published a “fact check” titled “No, COVID-19 Vaccines Aren’t Gene Therapy,” in which they argued:2 “The COVID-19 vaccines do not change a person’s genes, as gene therapy does … The shots…

Watchman Warns: The Satanic Rulers Are Working Hard to Carry Out Their Evil Depopulation Agenda. By Including the mRNA Poison in Children’s Immunization Regimens, They Are Set to Maim and Kill Millions of Youngsters

By StevieRay Hansen | March 4, 2023

HNewsWire: 9:27 AM ∙ Jun 5, 2022 Coming soon to your country: Babies and toddlers are next: The choice of the date is not an accident. By announcing the beginning of the rollout on June 21, the Satanic powers are declaring the beginning of the mass child sacrifice. Occult holidays and Sabbats: ” The themes of the Summer Solstice Ritual are Sex and Blood. Both are represented in the ritual we perform. Part of the ritual is acquired from the Throne of Moloch ritual. This ritual amplifies the “sacrifice” element which symbolizes the sacrifice of an infant or small child, intermixed with cannibalism of the body and drinking of its blood. The ritual is believed to have been created by the Pagans and adapted by other belief groups” – Aleister Nacht, Theistic Satanic Magus Illuminati Theorist Warns of Satanic Church’s Child Sacrifice Tradition During Summer……...

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Satan Soldier Master Liar Trump Gets Briefly Booed By Supporters After Pushing Kill Shot COVID Vaccine — Remember Trump Owns COVID mRNA Kill Shots Warp Speed…

By StevieRay Hansen | March 2, 2023 |

Adams, Jerome: This tweet shows how much of a clown car show POTUS Trump has around him; this guy was foolish, clueless, and moronic as Trump’s Surgeon General, and he still is stupid, making Murthy blush.If you can make SG Murthy blush, you must be quite foolish, according to this goofball, who compares the bogus COVID mRNA Kill Shots technology doses to Tylenol and ibuprofen. It should be evident by now that Trump intends to win the upcoming presidential election and get his supporters to queue up for MRNA kill shot vaccines. Trump has no idea, and it’s clear that the individuals he had surrounding him in the White House prior were nothing more than Satanic warriors clothed in false white robes. This individual, I’m talking about Trump, is dangerous. Medical freedom has become a force to reckon with, so much…

Watchman: We Should Not Grant COVID Amnesty to Anyone, Because What He (Dershowitz) Said Previously Assisted the Government in Purposely Injuring and Killing People Through the Scam. Gene Injection and mRNA Technology

By StevieRay Hansen | February 25, 2023 |

HNewsWire: HNewsWire: Do you plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine when it’s available, or will you ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ refuse it, as 39% of those polled say? If you refuse it, will you be going against the law?   According to Alan Dershowitz’s interpretation of Constitutional law, you only have the right to refuse to be vaccinated against a disease that would affect only you. You do not have the right to refuse a contagious disease that might spread to others As the basis and justification for his legal orientation on this issue, Dershowitz relies on a 1905 Supreme Court ruling in the matter of Jacobson v. Massachusetts According to Robert F. Kennedy, there is a “big Constitutional chasm” between this 1905 case and today’s vaccine mandates. Jacobson sued to avoid the vaccine and the fine for refusing the vaccine, which…

Watchman Warning: Satan Soldiers: Humans Should Accept That We Are No Longer God’s Mysterious Spirits. We’re mRNA-Hackable. Elites (Satan Soldiers) Can Re-Engineer Life by Hacking Organisms, “Evil” End Times

By StevieRay Hansen | February 24, 2023 |

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism (also known as Pastafarianism) is a “religion” created by a man named Bobby Henderson. Mr. Henderson created this satire in protest of the Kansas State Board of Education’s decision to teach intelligent design as an alternative to the theory of evolution. In essence, he was asking, “If foolish religious ideas like that of Intelligent Design have to be given equal time in high school biology classes, then why can’t other foolish religious ideas be taught alongside with it?” So, in protest, he made up a silly set of religious beliefs and demanded that they be given equal time in biology classes alongside the theories of evolution and Intelligent Design. His point seems to be that to teach Intelligent Design in schools is as absurd as teaching that the Flying Spaghetti Monster made the world and deceived scientists…

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