Satan Soldiers Working for Mankind: World’s Largest Vats for Growing ‘No-Kill’ Meat to Be Built in U.S.— Gates and Crimes Against Humanity Moving at Warp Speed


The world's biggest bioreactors for the production of cultured meat have been unveiled, with the ability to feed tens of thousands of stores and restaurants. This might be a "game changer" for the fledgling business, according to experts.

The bioreactors may produce more than 13,000 tonnes of chicken and beef each year, according to the US business Good Meat. Because it will employ cells derived from cell banks or eggs, no animals will be slaughtered to produce the meat.

Good Meat is the only firm that has received regulatory authority to market its product to the general public. There are over 170 companies working on cultured meat throughout the globe. In December 2020, grown chicken will be served in Singapore.

Methane emissions, forest degradation, and water consumption are only a few of the negative effects caused by livestock, such as cattle, chickens, and pigs. Scientists warn that in order to combat climate change, the world's wealthy countries must drastically reduce their consumption of conventional beef. Crop-raised meat has proponents who argue that it has the same flavor and texture as traditional meat, but with a less environmental effect.

The business claims to be working on the construction of ten additional bioreactors, each with a capacity of 250,000 liters and a height of four stories, making them the tallest ever built. There will be a total of 11,800 tonnes a year of production by 2026, and 13,700 tonnes by 2030, when the factory is fully operating in the United States.

According to a contract with ABEC, a prominent bio-process equipment manufacturer, the bioreactors will be built as part of a 6,000-liter unit for Good Meat's Singapore facility, which is slated to start producing cultured meat in early 2023 and will be the largest unit deployed to date.

"I anticipate our descendants will question us why we ate meat from slain animals back in 2022," said Josh Tetrick, the CEO of Good Meat's parent firm, Eat Just.

There are many reasons why we should care about cultivated meat, but one of the most important is that it will allow us to consume meat in a way that minimizes the environmental impact of slaughtering an animal and the usage of antibiotics.

Even in the bio-pharmaceutical business, bioreactors will be the most common method of production." Because of this, the design and technical issues, as well as financial inputs, and the possibility to go another step away from butchered meat, are all important factors.

An important consideration is whether or not huge reactors will be capable of sustaining the growth of meat cells at the same rate as tiny ones.

Steaks created in a lab. However, the flavor of the world's first lab-grown steak still needs improvement.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not yet given its approval for the sale of meat produced in a laboratory. Tetrick said, "We've filed our application." "We've found the agency to be totally involved, asking all the questions you'd anticipate, from cell identification through the end result. We don't want to speculate on when or if [approval] will come." As a result, the business has developed a cell growth serum that does not need the use of cow foetuses.

It was in April that Upside Foods collected $400 million in order to build a commercial-scale factory capable of producing thousands of tonnes of beef each year. The size of the bioreactors has yet to be decided. One of Upside Foods' top executives remarked that "we don't even know what the boundaries are," according to Amy Chen. The size of the cultivators will be decided upon closer to the building date, though.

Chen claimed that the produced meat's flavor has been a major factor in attracting investors. Prior to agreeing to participate, I had to sample the meat. I took my first mouthful and realized that it was both one of the most ordinary and one of the most extraordinary things I had ever eaten. "It's simply flesh.

In addition to Super-meat and Mosa Meat, there are other firms like Future Meat Technologies, Wild-type, and Shiok Meats that manufacture cultured meat. Plant-based meat substitutes are also widely available.

This facility's size is a sign of increased corporate confidence in the economic possibilities of farmed beef, according to Caroline Bushnell, vice president of the non-profit Good Food Institute. In the quest to get meat produced from cells to restaurants, supermarkets, and dining tables, this plant might be a game-changer given its ability to reduce manufacturing costs".

"This announcement is another example of the cultured beef business hitting an inflection point and transitioning from 'proof of concept' to commercial scale," said Synthesis Capital partner and co-founder Rosie Wardle. It's exciting to us as investors to think about how this area of the alternative protein business may play a significant role in the future of food." This is the biggest dedicated fund generated in the industry to date, Synthesis Capital unveiled a $300 million fund on Wednesday for investments into alternative proteins and food technologies.



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