Satan Soldier Bill Gates Is Heavily Invested in Lab Produced Breast Milk? And Now We Have a Baby Formula Shortage?


"Similar to the COVID vaccine, he makes an investment, and then a pandemic or scarcity forces everyone to queue up for his goods. "Of course he's invested in breast milk manufactured in a laboratory!"

As you are presumably aware, there is now a baby formula scarcity.

American parents are terrified as grocery store shelves get empty by the minute, leaving them to spend hours traveling around in search of baby formula to feed their infants.

To make things worse, we're informed that Biden keeps infant formula on the shelves at the border for illegal immigration. This should not come as a surprise; Biden and the Democrats are "America Last" and are solely concerned with recruiting new votes.

So, the current situation with infant formula is dire, and when searching for further information on the shortages I came across something I thought you would find interesting.

Did you know that Bill Gates put a significant amount of money in a new startup firm that aims to produce "lab-grown" breastfeeding last year?

Bill Gates, creator of Microsoft and philanthropist, cautioned that further investment would be required to avert a future pandemic, stating that it was likely that the worst of current epidemic had not yet happened.

Gates told the Financial Times, "I find it incomprehensible that we could ignore this catastrophe and, on behalf of the inhabitants of the globe, not make these investments."

Gates was also worried about the continuation of the COVID-19 Plandemic, despite the global relaxation of limitations.

Green Queen stated that Bill Gates' Breakthrough Energy Ventures has participated in Biomilq's Series A investment. Biomilq is a female-founded biotech company that is creating lab-grown breast-milk. The round, co-led by Breakthrough and Danish investors Novo Holdings, will assist Biomilq in accelerating its four-year goal to commercialize cell-cultured human breast-milk and challenge the multi-billion-dollar newborn milk formula sector.

Biomilq announced the completion of their Series A investment round with $21 million on Wednesday, October 20. Existing investor Breakthrough Energy Ventures, the sustainable VC company established by Bill Gates, and Danish life science investor Novo Holdings provided investment for the North Carolina-based biotech.

Biomilq asserts that the funding will speed its aspirations to commercialize its main product, cell-cultured human breast milk. The business revealed earlier this year that it has successfully cultured human breast milk outside of the body.

Using proprietary technology based on cellular agriculture, the biotech creates an alternative infant feeding option that is not only more environmentally friendly because it eliminates the need to rely on conventional dairy milk, but also provides the optimal nutrition found in real human mother's milk.

Biomilq is committed to developing a "complete milk product that preserves the integrity of its extraordinary evolutionary origin" as opposed to just generating a "handful of components" from human milk. This contains anti-inflammatory polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that are proven to promote healthy growth in infants.

It's strange that Bill is always there when disaster strikes.

He has a vast number of farms, and when a food emergency arises, he grows lab meat.

The world is attacked by a "pandemic" as he works on vaccinations.

The United States is experiencing infant formula shortages, and Bill is the one who spent millions in lab breastfeeding.


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