Basics Pt.3- THE SALVATION OF ROMANS 10:9,10

"For God so loved the world" because "God is love" is absolute in the word of God to the believer. So is "Jacob have I loved but Esau I hated". And these are not the mutually exclusives some may think they are.

Cain and Abel in Gen.4, and Jacob and Esau as referred to in Rom.9, make it abundantly clear that God has loving fellowship only with those who come to Him by faith. And has always rejected righteousness by works.

God is love. So it's not love vs hate. Nor is it naughty vs nice. It's love for God vs rejection of Him and faith vs works. This is what we see Paul and the rest of the apostles teaching throughout the epistles.

In Rom.7 when Paul asks, "Oh wretched man that I am. Who shall deliver me from this body of death?" is not an accusation against Paul. It is an explanation to those Paul is speaking to in Rom.7 who "live after the flesh" in seeking a righteousness of works concerning what is needed for them to have the righteousness of faith that is eternal life. He says the wretched man needs to stop trusting in the works of the flesh for righteousness. And instead realize that righteousness for eternal life comes only by faith. By trusting in Jesus.

But, confessing Jesus as Lord is not what makes Him lord. Just as our believing He raised from the dead does not make it so. These are truths whether we believe them or not. He IS Lord over all. And He HAS raised from the dead. Whether we believe it or not.

When we confess Jesus is Lord it expresses our agreement with God's will. And when our will agrees with God's will we show the faith of Christ. And when we agree with God about Jesus then we have the salvation that is by grace through faith without works. We are righteous.

We are righteous because we know the truth that sets us free. Free from a mortal's death to immortality and life. From sin(no faith in Jesus) to righteousness(trusting in Him). And from wrath(the no side of God's love) to peace with God that passes the natural man's understanding.

Will you agree with God about Jesus to receive the power of God unto salvation? Will you confess with YOUR mouth that Jesus is Lord? And believe in YOUR heart that He conquered death by His resurrection? The evidence is clear that these are true. If you will then you will receive the gift of eternal life that Jesus came to give to you.

Do this.... and I will see you there or in the air!

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