Watchman: Rumble Defies Global Censorship Trends, Takes Stand Against New Zealand’s Free Speech Crackdown


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The CEO of Rumble, a free-speech YouTube competitor, says that global censorship levels are on the rise, but that what’s particularly noticeable are censorship demands coming from Australia and New Zealand – who seem to be following in the controversial, to say the least, footsteps of France and Brazil.

On the one hand, this is surprising, given these countries’ formal democratic provenance.

On the other hand, their actions over the last years, including site blocking at ISP level, constant demands for more stringent regulation to facilitate social media content removal, and even the draconian Covid – and post-Covid era measures, tell a different story.

Chris Pavlovski told Mat Kim that the FreeNZMedia channel has now become a deplatforming target in New Zealand, for reporting about leaked data from the National Vaccination Database, that a whistleblower, former Health New Zealand IT employee Barry Young, made available.

And the data Young gave to reporters and activists concerns Covid vaccine-related deaths and claims that these facts are being covered up.

For referring to Young, and referring to the data he provided to the public, a letter has been sent to Rumble to remove FreeNZMedia. It came from the National Health Authority.

However, Pavlovski said that the company has decided to refuse to do that, or to withdraw from the country, and will instead “challenge it and see what happens.”

Pavlovski went on to refer to this particular New Zealand case as “absurd” and “disgusting” – in that it bears resemblance to the Pentagon Papers. At that time, journalist Daniel Ellsberg emerged as a hero of free speech that was protected by the courts in the US.

But that was nearly 50 years ago, and things have clearly changed not only in faraway lands, but in the US itself, and whistleblowers face anything from deplatforming to life in prison.

Speaking about the case of Young, and FreeNZMedia, Pavlovski said that the whistleblower “has a statistics background, went through all the data, found the different batches of vaccines that had an irregular high death rate and published that, and gave out different interviews on doing it.”
Source: reclaimthenet

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People are waking up to Big Tech:

Facebook owner Meta registered nearly $4 billion in losses for its metaverse and AI research wing in the first quarter, with the company’s stock crashing by more than 11 percent in a single day.

Meta reported its first-quarter 2024 earnings on Wednesday, revealing that its “Reality Labs” division suffered massive losses. Reality Labs is the company’s research and development wing focusing on immersive technologies like metaverse, virtual reality, and AI. Reality Labs registered a loss of $3.84 billion between January and March 2024 against a revenue of just $440 million. Meta began reporting Reality Labs as a separate business segment at the end of 2020. Since then, losses from the segment have exceeded $45 billion.

During the earnings call, CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggested that the firm could continue suffering losses for some more time in its AI efforts. More investments will be required before Meta makes “revenue from some of these new products” like AI, he said.

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