Watchman: Behold, We Have Eliminated God From the Equation, and Consequently, the Circumstances Have Transformed into a Harrowing Ordeal, Known as the Tribulation

Eliminated God

Science Will Eventually Kill God, Temporarily!

By SRH, It's an unimaginable idea, yet it has caught the attention of the media over the years. Will society likely continue to move away from God in the years to come? Probably, as it has been the trend, within and outside religious texts. However, God has never been completely removed from human thought throughout the thousands of years of human existence, as His providential hand brings consequences upon societies when a sufficient number of people turn away from Him. This is usually followed by a return to spiritual Biblical Truths by many.

On March 29th, President Biden officially declared March 31st as "Transgender Visibility Day" through a White House proclamation. This year, that day happened to fall on Easter Sunday, a day of great significance for Christians and a pivotal moment in the course of humanity.

This has been a widely discussed subject in the news, and I'm certain that it has reached your ears. It was particularly unsettling for Christians, given that we were commemorating the resurrection of our Savior.

It's worth noting that "Transgender Visibility Day" has been marked on March 31st since 2009, which predates President Biden's term. Thus, he acknowledged the existence of something that had already been established. Despite this, he made a point of emphasizing and bringing unnecessary focus to it, even going as far as to sign this proclamation.

It is deeply offensive and sacrilegious to equate these two celebrations. This reflects a broader agenda of the government's ongoing efforts to undermine and attack moral values and the Christian faith. In certain instances, laws in the present day are being used as tools against Christians.

Upon learning about this "proclamation," my thoughts were immediately drawn to Daniel 7:25, a verse that speaks of the arrival of the anti-Christ.

In Daniel 7:25 from the NIV, it is mentioned that this little horn will speak against the Most High, oppress the holy people, and attempt to alter the established times and laws. The righteous individuals will be entrusted to his control for a specific period, consisting of multiple intervals and a fraction of an interval.

The "set times" are associated with religious holidays. The "laws" pertain to the principles that uphold God's will and reflect His character. According to the NLT, there may be attempts to alter the sacred festivals and laws. The NASB states that there will be intentions to make changes in times and in law.

It is suggested that the calendar may be revised by certain individuals to exclude any reference to a higher power. He aims to establish a completely secular calendar.

He will bring about a world devoid of any divine presence. He will eliminate all traces of Christian thought from the face of the earth. He plans to establish a new world order, a global system encompassing economics, politics, and religion that disregards God and His perspective on life.

In 2nd Thessalonians 2, there is a reference to an individual known as "the man of lawlessness." That is a fitting portrayal of what he will accomplish. He will disrupt the established order, disregarding religious holidays, laws, and traditions that hold significance for believers, either eliminating them or introducing alternatives.

Now, there are fascinating historical examples of this. In Daniel chapter six, Darius declared that for a span of 30 days, it was forbidden to pray to or worship any deity other than himself. He altered the regulations and the circumstances.

Another captivating historical example of this occurred during the French Revolution in the late 1700s:

According to one writer, the French Revolution brought about a significant change in the way time was organized. The traditional seven-day week was replaced with a ten-day work week, which had the consequence of eliminating Sunday as a day of rest and Christian worship. The French Revolution had a significant impact on societal norms, including the restructuring of the work week from seven days to ten days. This change reflected a departure from traditional religious influences.

The writer continues, stating that the French calendar was altered to align with the revolutionary ideals and move away from religious influences. The convention made a decision on October 5, 1793 to eliminate the Christian calendar and implement what they referred to as a republican calendar. The founding of the Republic, September 23, 1792, marked the start of a transformative era and a fresh chapter. Instead of the birth of Jesus Christ being the central event in history, the founding day of the new French Republic would shape the way time was measured.

They abolished Annō Dominī, which signifies, as you are aware, the year of our Lord, and designated 1792 as their year 1, the inaugural year of the republic, a republic devoid of any divine presence.

One of the aspects I appreciate about our calendar is the pivotal role Jesus plays in shaping history, despite attempts to undermine this belief.

What is the outcome? And soon a republic that experienced great turmoil and disorder, ultimately leading to oppressive rule. This experiment had a disastrous outcome.

The Antichrist's fate is destined for a grim conclusion. The Lord Jesus will return and achieve victory over that blasphemer. What we witness in our culture today is a gradual transformation of established norms and regulations.

In America, there are three months and 28 individual days dedicated to LGBT causes and commemorations, which include:

Transgender Day of Visibility falls on March 31st.
International Asexuality Day (April 6th)
April 10th marks the International Day of Pink.
Day Of Silence is observed on the second Friday of April.
Lesbian Visibility Day, celebrated on April 26th, is an important occasion to recognize and honor the contributions and experiences of lesbian individuals.
May 17th marks the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia.
Pansexual Awareness & Visibility Day falls on May 24th.
Harvey Milk Day falls on May 22nd.
The month of June is dedicated to celebrating Pride Month.
International Drag Day (July 16th)
October is dedicated to celebrating LGBT History Month.
National Coming Out Day is celebrated on October 11th.
Spirit Day (occurring in mid-October)
Intersex Awareness Day is observed on October 26th.
November is dedicated to raising awareness about transgender issues and promoting inclusive.
Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20)

The fulfillment of Daniel 7:25. The tribulation period has begun. I want to make it clear that I do not believe Sick Biden is the Antichrist. In fact, I am confident that he is not. However, what we are currently observing is just a glimpse of what lies ahead.

There has been a noticeable increase in the number of days and times that are being designated as anti-God, while religious holidays on our calendar are being reduced or even eliminated. All of this suggests the imminent arrival of a malevolent figure. This is a widespread issue that is evident both within our country and on a global scale. This reflects the manifestation of the concept described in the Bible as the "spirit of the Antichrist," which is currently active in our world. And it is yet another sign that the arrival of Jesus Christ is approaching.



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