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Watchman’s Update: The Number of Dead Bodies on the Streets in America Will Rise. Murder Has Become All Too Common Around the World, and It Is Only Going to Grow Worse,Tribulation

SRH: Let us delve into a tale of souls plagued by affliction, where the focus lies not on firearms, but rather on the actions of certain politicians, such as Hillary Clinton. Darkness lurks within the heart of a nation, slowly consuming its very essence. Like a relentless disease, it spreads its tendrils, corrupting all that it touches. America, once a beacon of hope, now finds itself in the clutches of this insidious evil. It is a battle for the soul of a nation, a battle that must be fought with unwavering resolve. Only through unity and unwavering determination can America rise above this malevolent force and reclaim its true essence. Full Story

Update: A gunman opens fire inside a Florida mall, injuring many people.

A gunman opened fire inside the Paddock Mall in Ocala, Florida, on Saturday afternoon. Customers fled for their lives, some screaming, as alarm sirens blared over the public address system, according to video captured during the incident, which you can view below. There is no news on how many people were shot or how serious their injuries were.

The Ocala Police Department recommended visitors to avoid the mall. "There are multiple people injured," police stated. "The suspect is thought to have fled." At this time, the mall is being evacuated." Several ambulances have been dispatched to the crime scene. When new information becomes available, this post will be updated.


Emerging news wire statements citing Prague emergency response services cite a much larger than expected death toll. Initially, vague police reports said several were dead and wounded, but there may have been at least 11 killed, including the gunman, and nine more seriously wounded. This means twenty or more people were struck by bullets, from a shooter who appeared to have taken up position sniper-style on a high rooftop:


Police say the shooter has been killed, but likely there are still bystanders holed up in buildings:

An email sent to staff and students at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, seen by Reuters, had said a shooter was in one of its buildings and had told staff to "stay put".

"Don't go anywhere, if you're in the offices, lock them and place furniture in front of the door, turn off the lights," the email said. One X user posted a photo of a group of students, hiding crouched on a ledge of the building.

The below unconfirmed image appears to show the shooter with a high-powered rifle with optics taking out people in the university square below...

Currently, reports are circulating that the alleged shooter has been identified David Kozak - which also say he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

* * *

Multiple fatalities are being reported in an active situation amid a mass shooting in Prague, Czech Republic. Bystanders have been observed fleeing the grounds of Charles University's Faculty of Arts in Prague as a huge police response ensues.

One unverified report describes the developing scene as follows: "Prague According to media reports, the attacker used a long-barreled weapon with optics. There are reports of casualties and injuries. At the moment, the entire Jan Palach Square and the surrounding area are completely closed off."

A police statement has confirmed that several are dead and wounded at the scene, and police soon after have announced that the Prague shooter has been "eliminated".

The below bridge which people are fleeing across, the Charles Bridge (aka Karluv Most), is among the most popular central tourist attractions in Prague.

The shooter with a rifle may have been on a roof of one of the university buildings, a newly emerged (but unverified) photo suggests.

According to the Associated Press:

Czech Interior Minister Vit Rakusan told Czech public television the person who opened fire was dead.

Rakusan said there’s no other shooter at the scene and there’s no imminent further danger, but he urged people to cooperate with police.

A scene inside a barricaded classroom at the university as police begin clearing and securing buildings:

And students and bystanders hiding out on the ledge of a roof, in a precarious situation...



The U.S. murder rate rose 30% between 2019 and 2020 – the largest single-year increase in more than a century, according to data published this month by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The findings align with a separate tabulation of the nation’s murder rate published in September by the FBI.

The CDC tracks murders by analyzing information contained in death certificates. The FBI tallies murders by collecting information from thousands of law enforcement agencies across the country. Despite their different methodologies, both sources point to a sharp rise in the U.S. murder rate during the pandemic year of 2020, even as the rate itself remained well below the level of earlier decades.

Below are some key takeaways from the two new sets of government data.

How we did this

The year-over-year increase in the U.S. murder rate in 2020 was the largest since at least 1905 – and possibly ever, according to provisional data from the CDC. (Final data is not expected to differ much from the provisional data.) There were 7.8 homicides for every 100,000 people in the United States in 2020, up from six homicides per 100,000 people the year before. The rise in the nation’s murder rate last year far exceeded the 20% increase measured in 2001, which was driven by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11.

A chart showing that the U.S. murder rate rose by nearly a third in 2020, marking one of the biggest annual increases on record

Last year’s increase in the murder rate may have even exceeded the one measured in 1905, according to Dr. Robert Anderson, who oversees mortality statistics for the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics. Anderson noted earlier this month that the 1905 increase was at least partly due to more states submitting data to the national death registry, as opposed to an actual rise in murders.

The CDC has not yet published the total number of murders in the U.S. in 2020. But according to the FBI, there were 21,570 murders last year, up 29% from 16,669 in 2019 and the highest annual total since 1995. The FBI figures include nonnegligent homicides as well as murders, but the agency’s figures are incomplete because not all law enforcement agencies submit data.

A map showing that the murder rate increased in most states in 2020

Most states saw their murder rates go up between 2019 and 2020. At least eight states saw their murder rates rise by 40% or more last year, with the largest percentage increases in Montana (+84%), South Dakota (+81%), Delaware (+62%) and Kentucky (+61%), according to the CDC. Higher-than-average increases also occurred in several heavily populated states, including New York (+47%), Pennsylvania (+39%), Illinois (+38%), Ohio (+38%) and California (+36%). The CDC does not yet have full-year data for New Hampshire and Vermont.

Firearms were involved in 77% of murders for which data was available in 2020, up from 73% in 2019, according to the FBI. As has long been the case, handguns were involved in a majority of gun murders, while rifles and shotguns accounted for much smaller proportions. A sizable share of gun murders in 2020 involved an unknown type of firearm.

The percentage of murders that were solved – known as the “clearance rate” – declined from 61% in 2019 to 54% in 2020, according to the FBI. The murder clearance rate refers to the share of homicides that are closed through the arrest, charging and referral of a suspect for prosecution, or due to “exceptional” circumstances such as the death of a suspect or a victim’s refusal to cooperate with a prosecution. Clearance rates are calculated based on the number of offenses closed in a given calendar year, even if the crime may have occurred in a prior year.

It is not yet clear why murders rose dramatically in 2020. Experts have pointed to a variety of potential causes, including the economic and societal changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and changes in police-community relations after the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota last year. But the exact reasons remain unclear.

The FBI data, at least, shows that murder wasn’t the only form of violent crime to go up last year. The rate of aggravated assault rose nearly 12% between 2019 and 2020. And since aggravated assault is by far the most common type of violent crime tracked by the FBI, the overall violent crime rate in the U.S. also increased in 2020, by about 5%. Two other kinds of violent crime tracked by the FBI – rape and robbery – declined in 2020.

A line graph showing that the U.S. murder rate rose sharply in 2020, but remains below previous highs

Despite rising sharply in 2020, the U.S. murder rate remains below the levels of the early 1990s. The 2020 homicide rate of 7.8 homicides per 100,000 people was 22% below the rate of 1991 (10 homicides per 100,000 people) and far below the rates recorded in much of the 1970s and 1980s, according to the CDC. As is the case for violent and property crime rates more broadly, the U.S. murder rate has generally trended downward in recent decades, though 2020 was an obvious exception.

Americans remain far less likely to die from murder than from other causes, including from suicide and drug overdose. The U.S. murder rate in 2020 was 42% lower than the suicide rate (13.5 deaths per 100,000 people) and 71% below the mortality rate for drug overdose (27.1 deaths per 100,000 people, as of the third quarter of 2020), the CDC data shows. As was the case with murders, drug overdoses increased sharply in 2020.

A line graph showing that about six-in-ten Americans now say violent crime is a very big problem

That’s not to say that Americans aren’t concerned about violent crime. In a July 2021 Pew Research Center survey, 61% of U.S. adults said violent crime is a very big problem in the country today – up from 41% in June 2020 and the highest percentage measured since at least the fall of 2018. In the July poll, Americans were more likely to describe violent crime as a very big problem than to say the same thing about five other issues asked about in the survey: the federal budget deficit (50% said this was a very big problem), climate change (47%), racism (45%), economic inequality (44%) and illegal immigration (43%).

Since June 2020, Americans have also become more supportive of increasing local police funding in their communities. In a separate Center survey conducted in September, 47% of U.S. adults said they favored an increase in funding for police in their area, up from 31% last June. Support for reducing local police funding declined from 25% to 15%.

Statistic: Number of committed crimes in the United States in 2022, by type of crime | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

It’s Coffin Time in America! In the Days Ahead There Will Be So Many Corpses That Americans Will Become Immune to It All – Just Step Over Bodies. We Will See Bodies Dead From Murder & Starvation on America’s Streets, All Hell Breaking Loose

By StevieRay Hansen | June 21, 2024 |

Authorities Confirm Multiple Victims After Shooting Reported at Maryland Plant HNewsWire: On Thursday afternoon, a shooting at a facility in Washington County, Maryland, left many people injured. At a press conference, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan confirmed that at least three persons were killed in the accident. According to a Washington County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, deputies arrived to the Columbia Machine Inc. active shooting incident in Smithsburg at roughly 2:30 p.m. ET. According to the sheriff’s office, the suspect was shot and wounded during a confrontation with a state trooper. Hogan said he had no idea how the shooter, who has not been named, is doing. It was announced on Twitter by the ATF office in Baltimore that its special agents are helping with the investigation. “I’ve been informed on the issue, but it’s still continuing.” He stated, “I’m not sure…


Watchman’s Update: Warning About Murderous Medicine: Nazi Doctors, Human Experimentation, and Typhus—Parallels Between Bill Gates COVID Measures and Nazi Germany

By StevieRay Hansen | April 7, 2024 |

They’ll Never Take Jesus Out Of My Heart HNewsWire: There’s a Big Difference Between COVID-19 (Flu) and a Pestilent, If It Kills It’s a Pestilent, the COVID 19 Flu Is a Common Occurrence in Society, Time Will Tell What the Death Angel Has Prescribed I go back to my original statement in January, this is a “Pestilence”, God knew evil men were in labs concocting a virus with the intention of harming humanity. SRH… Reviewed by Evelyne Shuster In Murderous medicine Naomi Baumslag documents the complicity of Nazi doctors and pharmaceutical companies in murderous medical experiments related to epidemic typhus to further Jewish genocide. On the book’s cover is a picture of the shaved heads of newly dead men, frozen in snow, with snow caps as skull caps, reminiscent of the Jewish yarmulke. Eyes and mouths are closed, forever blinded and silenced about…


White Horse in Play: The Head of the Border Patrol Union Warned That Drug Cartels Would Seize “Complete Control” of the Southern Border, Mayhem, Murder, Mass Graves Coming to the America, Thank Biden, Obama and Google

By StevieRay Hansen | October 12, 2023 |


Update: The Watchman So, the Demonic Biden Administration Is Letting in Thousands of Rapists, Drug Cartels, Murderers, and Guys of Military Age, but They Are Going to Kick Out an Evangelical Christian German Family That Legitimately Immigrated to America

By StevieRay Hansen | October 7, 2023 |

SRH: There is little doubt that the United States is a country in decline in many ways as 2023 draws to a conclusion. People are becoming more and more aware of the reality that the American government does not have their best interests in mind. SRH: The Anti-Christian Demonic Obama/Biden Administration has ordered a German homeschooling family that legitimately immigrated to America to leave the country. The move comes as the White House continues to turn a blind eye to millions of illegal immigrants pouring through the southern border. HNewsWire Update: A deportation order against a German Christian homeschooling family that arrived legally in this nation more than ten years ago to avoid persecution was revoked by the Biden Administration. According to the Home School Legal Defense Association, Uwe and Hannelore Romeike, who reside in Tennessee with their seven children,…


Watchman: Google Must Be Held Accountable for the Many Americans Murdered by the COVID-19 Kill Shots in 2021,2022,2023

By StevieRay Hansen | September 29, 2023 |

It is “disturbing”Watchman Says that those in positions of authority are choosing to ignore the unfolding catastrophe caused by the CV19 bio-weapon / Kill Shots AKA vaccine. SRH is taken aback by the fact that “there are no investigations or hearings in Congress,” (Satan Soldiers)and he is similarly taken aback by the fact that no one has inquired about the astonishing CV19 vax data. HNewsWire:   By Brian Shilhavy Editor, Health Impact News 2021 will go down in history as the worst year of “death by lethal injection” as an estimated 300,000 people in the United States were killed by lethal injections. Lethal injections are only supposed to be injected into convicted criminals who receive the death penalty in a court of law. But starting in December of 2020, when President Trump threatened the FDA and forced them to approve…


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