SRH: Let us delve into a tale of souls plagued by affliction, where the focus lies not on firearms, but rather on the actions of certain politicians, such as Hillary Clinton. Darkness lurks within the heart of a nation, slowly consuming its very essence. Like a relentless disease, it spreads its tendrils, corrupting all that it touches. America, once a beacon of hope, now finds itself in the clutches of this insidious evil. It is a battle for the soul of a nation, a battle that must be fought with unwavering resolve. Only through unity and unwavering determination can America rise above this malevolent force and reclaim its true essence.


Multiple people were shot in Ybor City, a popular entertainment district in downtown Tampa. At least two people were reportedly killed and 18 people injured.

Video shows a DJ finishing up a set when a gunman fired at least 40 shots into the crowd. The shooting happened in the street around 3 a.m. Sunday morning just as bars were letting out.

“I saw 7 or so hit, at least 1 dead and one getting chest compressions, he was more than likely gone also. Stay safe,” one eyewitness said on social media.

Tampa Police Chief Lee Bercaw said the shooting happened after two groups of people got into a fight. The chief said he was disgusted by carnage left behind.

“What happened here is completely unacceptable,” the chief said. “The tragedy is that we have two deceased.”

Watch videos of the actual shooting as it happened and the aftermath below:

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An "extreme emergency alert" was released by the Maine State Police on Wednesday night following a ferocious shooting rampage by gunmen. In Lewiston, there is a mass casualty situation, according to the authorities. Numerous people have reportedly been shot, according to unverified accounts.

"Lewiston is home to an active shooter. We request that everyone stay put," the police issued a warning. "Please lock the doors of your house and remain inside. Currently, law enforcement is looking into a number of locations.

At least three different places saw several shootings. The second-largest city in the state, Lewiston, is home to more than 36,000 people.

For conferences, Lewiston Public Schools is sending out texts asking anybody in the area or at the campus to find a safe location to gather.

Lewiston Public Schools Superintendent Jake Langlais issued a statement, saying, "Everyone, please get to a safe place if you are at or near a school for conferences; we are going into lockdowns." "As soon as more information becomes accessible and suitable, I will offer it. We must now let law enforcement to carry out their necessary tasks.

Social media reports stated that towns in the vicinity received requests for mutual aid from as far away as New Hampshire.

The motive is left unsaid. We'll be updating this page all evening.

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Watchmen know that in America, deaths of this kind will occur more frequently. No tranquility, no God

Source: Starnes

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