Watchman: Once Democratic Meddling Is Eliminated From the Picture, Stopping This Invasion Is Not at All Difficult. Sincerely, They (Satan Soldiers)Pose the Greatest Threat to the Nation. Illegal Immigration Is but One Sign of a More Serious Demonic Illness, AntiChrist Politicians Run D.C.


Once Democratic meddling is eliminated from the picture, stopping this invasion is not at all difficult. Sincerely, they pose the greatest threat to the nation. Illegal immigration is but one sign of a more serious illness.

Americans need to realize that the modern Democratic Party has given up on any pretense of engaging in conventional politics. Yes, US politics has a long history of using threats to destabilize the country, but this level of internal strife hasn't been witnessed since the Civil War. Leftists have purposefully fostered an atmosphere wherein criticism of their programs is referred to as a "insurrection" and a "threat to democracy." They have taken on a zero tolerance mentality, which they believe is justified by a cult-like globalism and wokeness philosophy.

Democrats behave in a manner that is quite similar to former communist governments. Sincere discussions based on logic and facts are long gone. They will stop at nothing to achieve their aim of becoming the de facto social and political arbiters of everything they survey. For them, victory would mean the abolition of western civilization.

It is evident that their approach involves utilizing crisis situations as a means of bargaining for increased authority and sway. This approach was explored during the COVID-19 lockdowns. They gave it a go during the protests on January 6. They engage in it each time the debt ceiling is up for discussion. They are currently attempting to take advantage of the border situation they caused. God's In Charge and Their Demise Is Certain!


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