Watchmen Give Warning: WHO: A Global Regime in the Name of Health? No, in the Name of Hell on Earth, There Is No Forgetting: These People Are Evil Liars–Revelations 18:23: By Your Magic Spell All The Nations Were Led Astray.

HNewsWire: The attempt is to place USA under a governing body for which their are no elected officials... this has already been done to Europe under the EU... now they want to bring it here under the WHO... The WHO logo depicts a snake wrapped around a staff with the world divided into 33 sectors in front of it. It's always been in our faces. Revelations 18:23: All the nations were led astray by your magical spell. Sorcery = pharmakeia. This sorcery (the propaganda spell in this case) was so effective that it caused people to lose their heads and rush to get the injection under the following conditions: Hasty, sure-fire success, tainted testing, experimental injection? That killed and maimed nearly a thousand individuals throughout the trial's shortened period? During the same trial, it also resulted in 23 spontaneous abortions...

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