Watchman: For the Third Temple, Levites Tune Up. Before the Messiah, the Last Secret to Be Revealed, According to the 18th-Century Torah Scholar Gaon of Vilna, Would Be the Temple Music.

Levites tune up for the Third Temple On Thursday, the third intermediary day of Passover, Levites gathered in Jerusalem to reenact their musical role in the Temple. A group of about two dozen Levites gathered in the Old City to practice their singing while wearing garments designed for use by the Temple musicians in the Third Temple. Singing led to dancing, celebrating the joy of the Biblical feast. The Levites also blew silver trumpets that had been prepared for use in the Third Temple. Traditionally, Temple musicians were selected from the tribe of Levi. The Zohar explains that the Levites were selected to sing in the Temple because the name Levi means to accompany, and their music would cause others to come close to God. In the days that the Temples stood in Jerusalem, the Levites sang on the 15…


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