Update: Pestilence: Homosexual Sex in Full Stride—Keep Poking God in the Eye With That Pride Trans, Homosexual Evil Misfits Crap, Monkeypox Virus Linked to Men Who Have Sex With Other Men, the Worst Is Yet to Come, No GOD, No Cure, Death Cometh! Pale Horse In Play


Pestilence Lightning-fast spread around the globe Warp Speed

A guy in Massachusetts has tested positive for a severe monkeypox virus. Sex with other males has been related to recent incidents in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Portugal.

Wednesday, the CDC verified the U.S. case after initial testing was performed at the State Public Health Laboratory in Jamaica Plain on Tuesday night.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) released a statement saying that the individual is in stable health and presents no threat to the public.

An investigation is taking place between the Massachusetts Department of Health, the CDC, local health authorities in his area, and his medical providers to find out more about the man's whereabouts.

Since the beginning of May, there have been nine confirmed cases of monkeypox in the United Kingdom. One of these instances just returned from a recent trip to Nigeria. There was no evidence of any other recent trip in any of the instances.

On Wednesday, five instances were verified in young males in Portugal, with a total of 15 cases under investigation.

A total of 23 probable instances of monkeypox are being investigated in Spain, predominantly in males who have had intercourse with men, according to the country's health officials.

Flu-like symptoms and enlargement of the lymph nodes are common in monkeypox symptoms. A rash appears on the face and other parts of the body. There are two to four weeks in most illnesses.

People may get the virus from each other, Body fluids, monkeypox lesions, things infected with fluids or sores, or respiratory droplets after prolonged face-to-face contact, or same sex, are all ways in which the disease may spread.

Those with an otherwise unexplained rash, recent overseas travel in the last 30 days to places with confirmed or suspected outbreaks, contact with confirmed or suspected cases, or who are men reporting sexual contact with other men should have the Massachusetts Department of Public Health consider diagnosing them with monkeypox.

It is based on results from the US case and subsequent UK cases, as well as suggestions from UK and US health professionals.

Currently, doctors are being warned that the symptoms of monkeypox disease might be mistaken for those of syphilis or herpes or the varicella zoster virus.

An initial flu-like illness may proceed to lesions that originate at one location and then spread to other sections of the body.

In the United States, occurrences of the illness are very has been uncommon until now, and most are connected to overseas travel or the importation of animals from areas where the disease is prevalent, such as central and west Africa, according to the CDC.

This disease may be transmitted by rodent and small mammal bites or scratches or by contact with infected animals and their products in central and west Africa.

In July 2021, a Texas man who had been to Nigeria was diagnosed with monkeypox.

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If you are a man who is going to have sex with another man (or a monkey) please protect us all and wear a mask. Follow the science!

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