Watchman: Monkeypox Is a Homosexual Disease, Similar to Aids. 99% of Cases Are Sexually Transmitted. The CDC (Satan Soldiers) Shift the Focus to Combat Racism & Stigma. Really?

SRH: Homosexuals Are great liars, a real special Sub-human breed. They lie pathologically, constantly, and sometimes without even realizing it. An evil liar will often lie so much that their lies are what form their reality. In living a life of lies, their own minds become prisoners to their own evil behaviors.

Some evil people only lie a little bit, maybe stretching the truth to make themselves seem stronger, smarter, or better. Some evil people lie about you and others. But one thing is for sure: they are liars.

The lies serve as a tool to manipulate a reality for the beliefs that serve them. When caught in a lie, they will probably try to gaslight you, make you question reality as it is, and make you continue to look to them as a source of strength when all they really are, are liars.

HNewsWire: This is About being "homosexual" we're talking Perverted sex practices spread the virus via body fluids and infected pustules and sores.

Many instances have been reported in North America and Western Europe, where big LGBTQ+E For Evil events in Spain and Belgium, considered ground zero for enabling spread of the virus, have occurred.

The monkeypox virus, according to disease experts, was transmitted by sexual contact during such parties.There has been a significant increase in U.S. cases of hepatitis C since late June and early July, which is consistent with the incubation period of between three and twenty days (typically seven days).

As in Europe a month earlier, CDC authorities were reticent to suggest canceling major U.S. LGBTQ+E For Evil gatherings.In the spring, the organizers of the event took extra precautions to not stigmatize the LGBT community. Instead, health authorities in the United States chose to send out more targeted warnings to homosexual and bisexual males, whom they considered to be the most at risk.

Dr. Paul Alexander, a former Trump administration health official and researcher, thinks authorities might have done more.All this required was leadership stating no skin-to-skin contact, anal sex, no sex for a few weeks and we would have assisted this high risk group, but no, it's political games and now the low-risk general heterosexual population is at danger particularly from bisexual guys, Alexander stated in a blog post.

A Twitter account belonging to a Sodomite American guy who detailed how he contracted monkeypox at a Palm Springs orgy in graphic detail. A fear raised by Alexander was that bisexual males may aid in the transmission of the monkeypox virus to heterosexuals outside of the LGBTQ+E For Evil group.

HNewsWire: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has said that the Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage was “clearly wrong.”

“Obergefell, like Roe versus Wade, ignored two centuries of our nation’s history,” Cruz told podcast Verdict+. “In Obergefell, the court said, ‘no, we know better than you guys do,’ and now every state must sanction and permit gay marriage. I think that decision was clearly wrong when it was decided. It was the court overreaching,”

Cruz was referring to Obergefell v. Hodges (pdf), the 2015 Supreme Court decision in which the 5–4 majority ruled that the Due Process Clause and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee the fundamental right to marry to same-sex couples.

The Texas senator takes the position that policies on issues such as gay marriage and abortion should be left to state legislatures to shape.

“Marriage was always an issue that was left to the states. We saw states before Obergefell that were moving—some states were moving to allow gay marriage, other states were moving to allow civil partnerships. There were different standards that the states were adopting,” Cruz said.

“And had the court not rolled Obergefell, the democratic process would continue to operate: that if you believe that gay marriage was a good idea, the way the Constitution is set up for you to advance that position is to convince your fellow citizens. And if you succeeded in convincing your fellow citizens, then your state would change the laws to reflect those views,” the senator continued.

The lawmaker’s comments come weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, a 1973 ruling from the highest court that legalized abortion across the nation, in its June decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (pdf). Cruz’s comments are not the first time the senator has expressed opposition to the highest’s court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.

Throughout ALL of human history, marriage was defined as a religious (and eventually civil) union between a man and a woman. There have been attempts to pervert this going all the way back to when Mormons promoted polygamy. These perversions were viewed by the vast majority of people as perversions…distortions…of God’s design. And thus, they did not become mainstream. When SCOTUS forced all of American society to accept a same-sex union as a “marriage”, they showed a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution and the dictionary. By the simple fact that the union is NOT between one man and one woman, it simply cannot be a marriage. It can be all kinds of other things (including an abomination according to Scripture), but it cannot be a M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E. The ruling needs to be reversed and sent back to the states where it was being decided state-by-state which does, in fact, give everyone the opportunity to try to persuade enough of their legislators to see things their way.Despite what Biden’s administration might claim, this is NOT an activist court. It is one that is attempting to correct the damage done by one that was.

Satan is hard at work turning everything upside down and destroying the foundations of society. We will pay for allowing it.

HNewsWire: Because the illness originated in lab monkeys, the moniker "monkeypox" is valid. The PTB, notably the liberal media, are merely displaying their prejudice by claiming the name offends Black Americans and Africans globally. If they're going to alter the name, they should do it correctly. If the PTB wants to play word games, the illness may be called Denmarkpox, Singaporepox, or homopox.

Will the World Health Organization rename Monkeypox to combat racism and stigma? W.H.O. Is More Concerned With Perception Than Cure, Satan's Soldiers at the W.H.O. Are Lost, It Is and Will Remain Satan's Homosexual Monkeypox Gift!

Outside of hardened cultists, so-called COVID-19 is gradually losing its fearmongering zeal. That is why a new plandemic is being introduced gradually. In May, Bill Gates and his ilk actually released their monkeypox playbook. They are a touch behind schedule in terms of infection and mortality rates. This new "plandemic" has, however, taken an unforeseen turn.

Pfizer-owned As of June 27, Reuters and the World Health Organization (WHO) reported 6,027 worldwide monkeypox cases, including three fatalities. The great majority of recorded cases (77 percent) are in Europe, with all three fatalities occurring on the African continent. Almost all occurrences (99 percent) occur in males, especially gay men.

The United Kingdom Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is not sugarcoating the reality about monkeypox. On June 21, the CDC issued an alert stating that monkeypox is "mainly [transmitted] among homosexual, bisexual, and other males who have intercourse with men." Meanwhile, the CDC and WHO are employing pornographic word salads to avoid admitting that monkeypox is largely a gay male illness.

The CDC, for example, states that monkeypox is transferred through "semen (cum), fecal matter (poop), the anus (butthole), fetish gear, and sex toys." The first monkeypox sufferer in the United Kingdom was "James M," a gay human resources manager in London. He informed The Daily Mail that he had intercourse with 10 guys in May alone, which is how he got monkeypox. However, James urged against stigmatizing homosexuals.

This monkeypox pandemic has gotten off to a shaky start. The UKHSA removed a 2019 page from its website that said, "monkeypox does not readily transmit between individuals, and the overall danger to the general population is quite low." They are attempting to adapt their existing tales to match the new storylines and aims.

As of late May, four states in the United States were providing the Jynneos monkeypox vaccination to "at-risk" groups, which included San Francisco and other largely gay areas. The Biden Administration stated that 750,000 doses of monkeypox vaccination will be made accessible during the summer. Roche Diagnostics, well known for their bogus "COVID-19 PCR tests," has created a new PCR test that claims to detect monkeypox. The PTB has a long way to go if they want to meet their declared target of 70 million cases of monkeypox globally by January 2023. They are, however, laying the basis.

Of course, we can't ignore the fact that "monkeypox is racist." The WHO has said that the disease's name will be changed since it is racist. In their efforts to connect being Black with sodomy culture, the PTB never misses a chance to spew its muddled, desperate "racist and homophobic" misnomer. As previously stated, monkeypox originated in lab monkeys brought from Singapore to Denmark in 1958. The illness did not make its way to Africa until the 1970s. Despite this, the mainstream media continues to spread the myth that "monkeypox is an African illness."

The CDC has issued new monkeypox guidelines to be followed:

Masturbation should be done at least six feet apart from a partner, without kissing, and without "having intercourse with your clothing on or concealing regions where rash or sores are present."


Is the Babylon bee in charge of the CDC? UK Health Agency: Sodomite men account for 99 percent of monkeypox cases, HNewsWire: This is a pestilence that will mutate Uncontrollably.

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