Monkeypox, Man-Made Pestilence: Notice How Out in Front They Are on This in Compare to How They Were With the Baby Formula Crisis. According to Some of the Experts , the Monkey Pox Is Being Spread Mostly Among Sodomites

SRH: Sometimes our critics accuse us of being angry, as if that somehow disqualifies our message. Perhaps they have never read of God's wrath or His righteous indignation. The reality is that God was often angry. He was angry with Moses after he objected five times to confront Pharaoh. Jesus was angry at the money changers in the Temple. He called the Pharisees a "brood of vipers." Righteous anger is not only justified, it is expected of God's children. We should be righteously angry at all the sin that God hates. Our anger should be tempered by the command to love, but this does not make the two emotions mutually exclusive. That's our position.


Monkeypox cases are expected to increase in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

There has been one incidence of monkeypox in Massachusetts and four instances of orthopox in New York, Florida and Utah, according to CDC official Dr. Jennifer McQuiston. It has been reported by CNBC that a CDC laboratory in Georgia is investigating instances of Orthopox, a virus in the same family as Monkeypox.

On the monkey pox outbreak, Vice President Joe Biden said that Americans should be "concerned," saying that

He told reporters, "They haven't informed me the degree of exposure yet, but it is something that anyone should be worried about".

At Pyeongtaek's Osan Air Base on Sunday, May 22, 2022, Vice President Joe Biden addresses the crowd before boarding Air Force One for a trip to Japan.

Sunday, May 22, 2022: Joe Biden speaks at Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek, South Korea, before boarding Air Force One for a journey to Japan.

Vice President Biden's national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, said that the United States possesses a vaccine for monkeypox.

President Donald Trump's national security advisor Jake Sullivan talks during the White House briefing on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 (in Washington, DC).

According to Biden's assistant, "We have a vaccination that can be used for that reason".

On Monday, a former World Health Organization (W.H.O.) official dismissed the verified monkeypox cases as "a random incident."

Dr. David Heymann, former director of the W.H.O. emergencies section, said in an interview with the Associated Press that the prevailing idea to explain the spread of the illness was sexual transmission among homosexual and bisexual males during two raves in Spain and Belgium. Outside of Africa, where monkeys and other animals are constantly exposed to monkeypox, it has never spread extensively.

Monkeypox may spread by intimate(Sodomite) contact with the lesions of an infected person, but Heymann speculated that sexual intercourse may have exacerbated the disease's spread.


They Went Above and Beyond to Ensure That Your Kids Can Go Woke Just After waking…

The homosexual sin virus violates all of God’s rules, while I’ll try to be sensible in my fight against destruction, I will also be a warrior for Christ -which makes me unstoppable,SRH.


All you Homosexual-affirming “churches,” I warn you with tears, you are preaching another gospel and serving another Jesus.

Everything must be Homosexual now and the virtue must be signaled. Big Business has realized that there is a lot of money in wrapping yourself in the rainbow flag and vile disease, and so as “Pride Death March Month” (yes, an entire month) grows closer, corporate social media avatars, ATMs, and business signs will suddenly be bedecked in rainbows.

When someone says they "worship gloriously," what does it mean? In other words, we take hold of God's truth and return it to him in worship. We exalt the glory of His name, and we do it with joy and conviction. When it comes to responding to God's greatness, Revelation makes it plain that praise and adoration are essential.

Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation


Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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