Watchman: It’s Hard to Believe This Is Real Life, Not satire. New York Has Announced a New Censorship Law That Would Coerce Social Media Networks, Including the Satirical Website the Babylon Bee

SRH: Amendment I: Congress cannot establish religion, restrict its free exercise, limit speech, press, or the right to peacefully assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

The public will not benefit from laws enacted by men of their own choice if they are too long to read or nonsensical to understand.
James Madison.

Liberty exists when governments fear the people. Tyranny exists when people fear the government. The strongest justification to maintain and bear guns is as a last resort to protect against government tyranny.


It’s hard to believe this is real life—not satire.

New York has announced a new censorship law that would coerce social media networks, including the satirical website The Babylon Bee, to monitor and crack down on what the state deems as "hateful conduct."


But what will be deemed as "hateful conduct" is left up to humorless state officials to decide. And the Bee would need to adopt and endorse the state’s definition. That’s a slippery slope, at best.


The government does not belong in the comedy business.


And the First Amendment protects the right for all Americans to freely and peacefully express their opinions—and their sense of humor—without fear of government censorship or retaliation.


After all, our freedoms don’t hinge on whether the state agrees with what we have to say, or whether they appreciate the joke.


Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the Bee and urging a federal court to uphold a lower court’s decision to halt this blatant censorship law—but we need your help.


Government officials can’t bypass the First Amendment to keep ideas they disagree with out of the marketplace. It’s time they learn just how many Americans STAND WITH THE BEE and will raise their voice in defense of free speech.


Will you sign your name to our pledge and stand with The Babylon Bee today?

What New York officials are doing is part of a concerning—and growing—trend of censorship. It must stop.


Thank you for standing with us,

Alliance Defending Freedom


Do we have individual rights? Do we defend ourselves from attacks or subtle truth-suppression (mind control, media influence)? Indeed, social media influenced public opinion, including corporations and their advertising. Now that facts may be addressed, truth is new. T

The Russian collusion, or first attack on President Trump, is an extreme example of free speech attack. You were woken to endorse the one-sided opinion if you questioned “evidence in plain sight” being erroneous. Since then, fighting has continued. The newest is Bible-believing Christian Mike Johnson, called a dangerous extreme. He is serious, but so are most Americans.

Dangerous? Perhaps not if they fear losing control over their lifestyle or choice at our expense. The main media don't report that it's not the popular philosophy. Regularly forcing concepts into faces and brains isn't user-friendly. It is not stated that they respect their constitutional right to live as they like. Everyone can live their personal lifestyle under their doors without infringing on others. Mike Johnson proposes using biblical ideas to return to our founders' ideology.

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