Update 5/20/22 Pale Horse In Play Pestilence Is on the Move in a Big Way: China and Now America Reports the First Ever Human Case of H3N8 Bird flu


Update 4/29/22 A human in Colorado has tested positive for a strain of bird flu that has infected poultry in 30 states, according to federal authorities. The case represents the first reported human infection of the current avian flu outbreak in the US.

According to the CDC, the suspect has been destroying birds suspected of having H5N1 bird flu. Agency officials said the unidentified patient remained tired for a few days before recovering.

If a positive test was found, the right approach was to believe that the individual had been infected by a bird, according to the report.

According to experts, H5N1 is unlikely to spread extensively to people compared to the coronavirus, which produced a worldwide epidemic in 2009.

HNewsWire: According to the Chinese regime's health officials, the first known human case of H3N8 avian flu has occurred in China. On April 14, 2013, workers at a poultry farm in Changfeng county, Anhui province, China, administered the H9 bird flu vaccination to chicks.

China's health authority stated in a statement on April 26 that a 4-year-old child had been hospitalized in Zhumadian city in the central province of Henan on April 10.

The CDC said that no human-to-human transmission of this strain had occurred. Horses, seals, and dogs have all been infected with H3N8. A report from the CDC says it's one of two types responsible for the dog flu outbreak in the United States (CDC). According to the CDC's website, the virus has been found in dogs throughout most of the country, but no humans have been afflicted.

According to the panel, there was a little probability of it spreading to other persons. According to the statement, "This illness is an unintentional transfer between species..". "The likelihood of widespread spread is mild."

Dr Erik Karlsson, deputy director of the Institut Pasteur's virology section, says human infections may lead to adaptive alterations that make these viruses more readily transmit in animals.

According to Karlsson, more monitoring of the infection was necessary. It was "a significant issue for the virus," he said, referring to the Russian flu epidemic of 1889.

A preliminary investigation by China's panel concluded that the variety is avian in origin. It was reported that the boy's house included hens and crows, and that the neighborhood was home to many wild ducks.

During the medical observation period, none of his close friends or family members showed any problems.

Symptoms including a fever first appeared on April 5, according to the statement, and the youngster was diagnosed with H3N8 two weeks later, on April 24.

According to the Hong Kong health authority, which cited a notice from Beijing, he is in serious condition. According to the National Health Commission's statement, this was not mentioned.

In China, a 41-year-old male was diagnosed with H10N3, which is thought to be the first case of this strain of avian influenza in a person.

The World Health Organization has received reports of 21 human cases of the H5N6 subtype of avian influenza in China in 2021. (WHO). There have been fewer cases of H7N9 infection this year, but those who have been sick or died as a consequence of the virus are at a higher risk than the hundreds who were afflicted in 2017.

Karlsson stated, "We must be careful about any spillover incidents."

Reuters was a source of information for this story.

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