The Russia-China Strategic Partnership Seems to Be Increasingly Ironclad, as Presidents Putin and Xi Themselves Constantly Reaffirm


HNewsWire: As Presidents Putin and Xi Often Emphasize, the Russia-China Strategic Cooperation Seems to Be Becoming More Solid


HNewsWire: In several speeches, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have emphasized the growing solidity of their nations' strategic relationship. Even in Russia's own policy circles, there is a rising criticism to this strategy. At this especially perilous moment in history, how reliable is China as a year-round ally of Russia?

"Common sense," "similar interests," and "knowledge garnered through hundreds of years of cooperation" are the foundations of Russian-Chinese strategic ties, according to Glazyev.

As the world's most significant economic opponent and Russia's most important counter-balancing force, the ruling class of the United States has begun a global hybrid war to maintain its hegemonic position.

Geopolitically, the United States has long sought to provoke Russia and China into conflict. In order to undermine our efforts to switch to using our country's own currency, Western spies infiltrated our media and sabotaged any attempts at such a transition. Chinese officials were under pressure from western allies to meet the economic and military goals of the United States.

Russia and China's growing strategic partnership and coordination to resist common threats emanating from the United States was inevitably motivated by this, despite their divergent national interests.

Our worst anxieties have been verified by events such as the trade and financial sanctions wars raging between the US and China, as well as the confrontation between the US and Russia. With shared interests of survival and resistance, China and Russia have an economic connection that is mutually beneficial. They complement each other's competitive advantages by working together. As long as there are common interests, there will be no end to them.

People in China remember vividly the Soviet Union's help in liberating their country from Japanese rule and the following industrialization of China after World War II. A long-standing strategic alliance between our countries is in our mutual best interests; this connection is based on our shared history.

Vladimir Putin's vision of a Greater Eurasian Relationship and a new international economic order might be based on the strategic partnership between Russia and China, which has been bolstered by the integration of the One Belt, One Road program with the Eurasian Economic Union.

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