China’s Second Largest City, Follows Xi’an in Imposing Strict COVID Measures, Causing Residents to panic Buy Food & Necessities.


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Security guards are walking in an area that is under restrictions following a recent coronavirus outbreak in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province, China, on Dec. 22, 2021. (STR/AFP via Getty Images)

After two asymptomatic COVID-19 cases were discovered on January 2 and a third on January 3, 2022, China’s central Henan Province placed Yuzhou City under lockdown.

Yuzhou is China’s second-most-strictly-closed city, behind Xi’an, with inhabitants being prohibited from leaving their homes except for COVID-19 testing in the wake of the recent epidemic.

Xi’an, in China’s northwest, is under one of the world’s strictest curfews. Since Dec. 9, 2021, when a positive COVID-19 case was discovered, thirteen million inhabitants have been confined to their homes or in collective isolation facilities on the city’s outskirts.

On Jan. 6, Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan, reported 26 additional cases. In Zhengzhou, panic shopping began almost immediately, with YouTube footage showing people swarming into supermarkets and food stores in search of basics.

Yuzhou, a small county-level city in China, has registered 55 positive COVID-19 cases as of Jan. 6, according to Sohu, a famous Chinese news portal. Due to the CCP’s habitual suppression and cover-up of material, the Epoch Times was unable to verify the number’s veracity.

When the city’s third case was reported on Jan. 3, the city was put on lockdown.

Every one of the city’s 1.2 million residents has been told to stay at home. The public transit system has been shut down. On the highways and streets, private automobiles are not permitted. All businesses have been closed, with the exception of supermarkets, which provide everyday essentials.

At a news briefing on Jan. 5, Chen Tao, the CCP’s Yuzhou party chief, stated that the source of the outbreak had not been established.

Zhengzhou has a population of about 12 million people, who learnt a painful lesson about a lack of basic essentials during the July floods and subsequent pandemic epidemic last year. Online videos show crowds of people rushing into supermarkets to stock up on food and necessities while supplies last.

The manager of a chain grocery in Zhengzhou was interviewed by the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times on July 6.

The supervisor, who requested anonymity for security reasons, told The Epoch Times that many people were hurrying to obtain groceries and other necessities. More panic shopping, he said, took place in one of his establishments in a remote suburb.

“Many people did not store up last year during the pandemic, so they have learned their lesson and flocked in for food,” said the anonymous boss.

“At the moment, there are insufficient quantities of meat and eggs in the isolated areas,” he stated, “It is always good to be prepared in case isolation expands to more areas and lasts a long time.”

The manager of a grocery in a non-isolated location told The Epoch Times that he witnessed a lot of people come in to buy food.

“Many people in our area rushed into my store to get food in the past couple of days, as our neighboring areas have been locked down,” he added. “If traffic is blocked, we won’t be able to replenish our stocks.”

On Jan. 5, a provincial news website stated that two locked-down areas had shut down four stores and three farmers’ markets.

The CCP’s bold move to propagate out right lies about the circumstances in Xinjiang and other places experiencing persecution are tantamount to the human rights abuses themselves. One could consider these events a spit in the face to Americans who don’t pay any attention to politics.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who pays attention to global politics that this is happening. However, one could speculate and say that tensions across the board are running higher than ever for the Chinese Communist Party. Something has got to give, America is no longer able to turn a blind eye from persecution due to the rapid spread of information in this digital age. The question remains, who will stop the CCP from committing further violations against human rights, and how much longer until that takes place? The people could surely rise up and put a stop to it, but i guess we’ll have to see if the CCP will be able to survive the tumble it’s currently Taking. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.

Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Robert Malone, a virologist and immunologist who has worked on the development of mRNA vaccines, reacted to recent banning imposed by Twitter and LinkedIn.

In response to comments he’s made concerning vaccine mandates, Malone told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” program on Wednesday, “I felt compelled by my own ethics, that I needed to speak about what I was observing.”

“I may be one of the very few that has this depth of understanding of the technology that doesn’t have a direct financial conflict of interest,” Malone continued. “If I’m not allowed to speak about my concerns, whether they’re right or wrong, who is a valid person to participate in the dialogue?”

Malone said he and Dr. Peter McCullough, a cardiologist who recently argued that COVID-19 vaccine mandates should be repealed, have been “shut down, attacked, and had purposeful attacks” against their medical licenses or freedom to practice medicine as a result of their publicly vocal opposition to COVID-19 vaccine requirements and mandatory vaccinations in children.

Malone’s Twitter account was disabled without warning last week for apparent violations of the platform’s COVID-19 regulations. During the interview on Wednesday, Malone also confirmed that his LinkedIn account had been suspended.

During the conversation, Malone mentioned the “mass formation psychosis,” also known as mass hysteria, people are experiencing on his podcast with Joe Rogan approximately a week ago.

“I mean, it has been amazing watching it, and what it demonstrates is the lack of self-awareness by Big Tech,” he remarked, referring to accusations that Google manipulated search results for the word. He continued, “They are caught up in the mass formation themselves, or they are intentionally manipulating” the findings.

“It’s more important to me to help people to get access to the data and learn to think for themselves and make their own opinion,” Malone also said. “I don’t want to tell people what to think I want to help them think and give them the tools to do it.”

Meanwhile, Twitter has been suspending additional accounts for what it claims are violations of its COVID-19 regulations. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced on Gettr over the weekend that her personal campaign account had been permanently terminated by the San Francisco-based social media site for allegedly violating its terms and regulations.

“Suspended for tweeting VAERS statistics,” the freshman Republican lawmaker wrote. Greene was banned “for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy,” according to a Twitter spokeswoman.

Around the same time, Tom Elliott, the proprietor of video publisher Grabien News, tweeted that his media account had been suspended for releasing a video featuring Rep. Andy Biggs criticizing pharmaceutical companies.

“When you have a society that has become decoupled from each other and has free-floating anxiety in a sense that things don’t make sense, we can’t understand it. And then their attention gets focused by a leader or series of events on one small point, just like hypnosis. They literally become hypnotized and can be led anywhere. They will follow that person. It doesn’t matter if they lie to them or whatever.” said Dr. Robert Malone on the podcast with Joe Rogan.

People were “complaining the world doesn’t make sense” a few years ago, he said, and we weren’t “connected socially anymore, except through social media.” and “Then this thing happened,” Malone added, referring to the COVID-19 epidemic. “That is how mass formation psychosis happens and that is what has happened here.”

It’s time people start thinking about the bigger picture, society, and civilization as a whole. There is a chronological series of events that can and will be evaluated and identified as catalysts leading to this global mirage of a pandemic. This will be heavily documented and evaluated for the sake of historical assessment. If we can collectively collaborate from the lab leak and the motives associated amid political tension, we can move the investigation further. If people don’t wake up and begin asking questions as opposed to letting contradictions fly over their heads, they’ll be disposed of by the machine that is the conglomerate forcing inoculations on humanity. Stay inquisitive in the word of God, and the world around you.


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