Pale Horse in Play, Pestilence: Beijing Residents Scramble to Stockpile Food, Essentials as New COVID a.k.a. Pestilence Outbreak Detected

HNewsWire: Limitations on factories and other enterprises have been eased, but restrictions on residential areas have remained in place, raising doubts that the CCP would ease its Shanghai lockdown.

Instead of easing restrictions in Shanghai, officials are working feverishly to contain an epidemic in Beijing that has been spreading for up to a week, according to reports. The number of new local cases in the capital city rose to 22 on Sunday, the biggest daily count so far this year.

Officials in Beijing have put a large portion of the city on high alert because of the small number of new cases, canceling classes at a middle school where the disease has been found and predicting that the closure would continue at least a week.

Locals were scared into preparing for a lockdown as officials mobilized to attempt to stem the spread via mass testing, prompting spontaneous rushes on food shops and other businesses.

When it was revealed that the central Chaoyang area would be undergoing widespread testing, images showing food shop shelves bare quickly went viral.

Chaoyang, Beijing's largest district, is home to almost 3.5 million people and is the city's most populous area.

There are going to be three PCR tests this week for all the locals.

However, despite the city's assurances that it will make "every attempt" to meet the city's food needs, several roadblocks and virus testing have already caused delays for truck drivers.

In addition to Beijing, Shanghai-style lockdowns are taking place in other Chinese cities. After more than 100 new instances were discovered in Hangzhou, a technological powerhouse known to Westerners as the headquarters of Alibaba, local authorities held a meeting on Saturday night to consider how they would react.

Foxconn's Zhengzhou plant, located in the airport economy zone and home to Foxconn's iPhone City site, would continue to operate despite the surrounding city being placed under an extended lockdown, Bloomberg reported on Sunday.

Obviously, a large lockdown in Beijing would have a significant effect on China's economy, which has already seen growth slow due to the lockdown in Shanghai.


SRH: Here's Satan's Soldiers Doing Their Evil Work! online Chinese videos Showed Farmers From Various Parts of the Country Were Removed as They Plowed the Fields by Local Police for Violating Lockdowns, and Were Subject to either Detention or Quarantine for 14 Days.

Only one local seed business was able to validate the official line on seed ready for The Epoch Times' Chinese version. The employee said that the firm has been shuttered since the lockdown in early March. "Everyone is remaining at home for the PCR test" during the epidemic, she added, adding that she didn't know when business would restart.

Food shortages will result from a seed shortage.

Liu is a Chinese journalist who has asked to remain anonymous. He argues that the scarcity of viable seeds is more problematic than the limitations imposed during the lockdown.

Sources: HNewsWire   ZeroHedge   HNewsWire

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