Pestilence is Wreaking Havoc in China, with Reports of Suffering, Death, and Starvation Piling Up in Lock-Down Shanghai

Pestilence In Godless China

HNewsWire: A guy in his 30s from Shanghai's Yangpu district phoned the police after four days of attempting to purchase meals online and getting no response. He wanted to know whether he'd become fed up if he tried to breach quarantine regulations and was caught by the authorities.

Because his food order, ordered six days earlier via the local community council, had not yet been delivered, he claimed that the lack of food was causing him stomach problems.

"I was advised to 'endure' by the neighborhood committee." At this point, it's been four days. The only thing left is water, he informed the authorities in a phone conversation that he eventually made public.

Whenever I turn on the television at 7 p.m. to watch the news, everything always seems to be calm and secure. "I'm not familiar with this level of security."

The response from the police, on the other hand, shattered any prospects of finding food. In the event of his arrest, the officer said, they would simply send him back home since the police station was unable to house him.

Many Shanghai citizens are suffering because of the communist regime's lockdown, which it has enforced because it believes it is necessary to stop an Omicron epidemic from spreading. This is not the first time people have been confined to their houses for an extended period of time in certain places.

Under increasing public criticism, city officials finally began reducing lockdowns on April 11th. But the city's economy has been devastated by the city's harsh regulations. The 26 million residents of China's financial capital are feeling hungry, frustrated, and desperate.

Many of the city's hungry residents have resorted to yelling and smashing pots and pans from their windows and balconies.

Videos from quarantine centers show individuals being imprisoned in unfinished buildings with substandard hygienic standards. These are alarming. One individual expressed displeasure at having to share a blocked toilet with dozens of other people.

The epidemic looks to be uncontrollable despite these limiting efforts. More than five times as many people have been infected with a virus in the city since the lockdown began in late March, when the first instances were recorded. Despite the fact that both outsiders and insiders have long questioned the veracity of Chinese authorities.

A growing number of reports and interviews on the Chinese internet and in the News reveal that the Chinese people's patience with Beijing's harsh COVID-19 policy is running thin.

Those who were spared the agony of the poor. China's "Queen of Venture Capital," Billionaire Cathy Xu Xin, has invested in a number of grocery shopping applications that are now crucial for Chinese citizens. An online bulk-buying organization for milk and bread was just set up by Xu, who recently urged her neighbors to join.

A member in a Tomson Riviera discussion forum advised others to try their luck again in the afternoon if their morning attempts to purchase failed. Tomson Riviera is a luxury property development with 220 units valued at tens of millions of dollars. The person added that if people spend more time on the shopping applications, there may be "surprises."

Another member of the same chat group lamented, in an online post, that "I don't know where my dignity is" since they were reduced to daily participation in online food battles.

In the middle of their hunger crisis, film has emerged showing donated foodstuff being dumped in landfills, further tormenting the population.

These commodities haven't found a buyer because the trucks can't locate a buyer. Videos posted on Chinese social media show frustrated truck drivers from other provinces yelling at officials as they are caught in traffic with their cargo of food they've transported hundreds of kilometers.

An image taken from a video on facebook showed one of the truckers from the port city of Qingdao, Shandong Province, who had been waiting in the parking lot for more than a day.

Shanghai's imprisoned population has a lot of unanswered questions, including one about food. Despite the local government's repeated promises that supplies are plenty, people remain on edge due to bare food aisles, insufficient resources from authorities, and unreliable delivery.

Weibo, China's version of Twitter, was used by a local citizen to remark on a news story on a recent press conference in Shanghai. Officials, lay down your scripts and show us how you purchase veggies with your phones, pleaded a local.

The annoyance was not limited to only the user. A large number of Shanghai residents have been staying up until the wee hours of the morning or waking up early in the morning to shop for food online, only to have their purchases canceled as soon as they press the "buy" button. However, even for those that were successful, delivery dates were repeatedly postponed, with some things not arriving for many weeks beyond the original expected arrival date.

Pestilence Taking a Toll In China: Accounts of Suffering, Death,and Starvation Mount in Locked-Down Shanghai

More than just hunger has been a concern for Shanghai residents. If a child's viral test results vary from those of their parents, they have been removed from them. An unknown number of elderly persons have died in COVID-19-infested hospital institutions because of poor treatment or because they contracted the virus.

Elderly care center resident Mr. Chen, who has been caring for his father, stated that half of the facility's 200 residents were ill, including almost all of its caretakers.

Suffering and starvation stories are rising in Shanghai, where a lockdown was imposed by the Chinese government. Shanghai's Locked-Down Residents Are Up in Arms Over Parental Separation.

Despite her mother's persistent fever, the institution was unable to provide her with any treatment throughout her four-day stay. Chen told The Epoch Times that after calling all the public hotlines, he received a call from emergency medical hotline 120 on April 12 instructing him to "wait." Since two years ago, the city has not recorded any COVID-19-related fatalities.

In the event of a positive result, the person and any of their close contacts will be quarantined in a centralized quarantine facility regardless of the circumstances.

People in white hazmat suits stood in front of a metal entry gate for hours in early April as dozens of vehicles transported them to Wenjiadang, an apparent half-constructed temporary hospital in Pudong on Shanghai's eastern side. Dozens of garbage bags were stacked up behind the fence.

Center for the prevention of disease transmission

She stated that plastic-wrapped meals were heaped on the dusty ground for people to grab, and the whole facility had just one toilet—which did not flush—despite its capacity to hold 1,000 people. Weibo has deleted her post and any references to the facility.

When she arrived at a temporary quarantine facility in Pudong, China, a nearly 80-year-old lady recounted the same experience. In a Weibo post that received 107,000 likes, she recounted her ordeal to her son, who wrote that she had no pillow, no blanket, no sheets, and no water. Photos the son posted online reveal that more than 90 people were forced to use two or three facilities, which were littered with garbage and cardboard and covered with muddy stains.

Since moving into the facility, she has only been able to get three to four hours of sleep a night since it is so difficult to go to the lavatory as an older person.

Tragedies that might have been avoided

For the elderly and ill, access to medical care has been a big problem.

More and more people in Locked-Down Shanghai report suffering and starvation; undocumented deaths are plaguing Locked-Down Shanghai hospitals.

This is the story of Mr. Guo, a 65-year-old man restricted to a second-floor flat in Shanghai, who recently leapt from his balcony in a desperate attempt to get his 90-year-old mother medical attention. For days, the structure had been secured with a metal lock by the authorities. After calling every hotline, he was unable in getting an ambulance.

"This administration is utterly broken," he said in an interview with the Epoch Times. Everyone is "passing the buck" from top to bottom.

When asked about Guo's condition by The Epoch Times, a local neighborhood committee worker replied that all regular cops had been quarantined. Currently, a group of volunteers, including me, are in charge of running it.

After Guo's online plea for aid, however, authorities moved quickly—but not to give assistance. They contacted Guo's nephew and requested that the post be removed, which Guo found ironic. "There was no one around before, but now there is," he remarked.

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions in Shanghai, Larry Hsien Ping Lang, a well-known Chinese economist, lost his mother earlier this month. Waiting for a negative virus test result, a 98-year-old patient with renal failure was delayed outside the hospital emergency department for four hours. Sadly, she didn't make it.

Lang remarked on social media that the tragedy "could have been prevented," after touting Shanghai's viral response earlier this month as a display of "the might of China." A single injection of a kidney-protecting drug was all she required, according to a previous diagnosis.

When Lang was finally permitted to leave his neighborhood for the hospital, his mother had already died, and he was forced to argue with the authorities for a long period.


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