Watchman Daily Devotional:Sometimes It Appears Like the Lord Is Mercifully Sparing Us From the Repercussions of Our Unbelief. It Could Even Appear That Our Wickedness Is Helping Us. Be Warned Its Not

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Genesis 12:13 13 Say you are my sister, that it may go well with me because of you, and that my life may be spared for your sake.

Abram (whose name will later become Abraham) had followed the voice of the divine, departed from his homeland and community, and journeyed into Canaan as directed. At that moment, God's presence revealed itself to him and made a covenant to grant the land to his future generations.

During a time of scarcity, Abram traveled to Egypt in search of food. He was aware of the Egyptians' admiration for beauty and feared for his life and his wife's safety. He devised a plan to protect himself from the danger by having his wife claim she was his sister. It was what some might consider a harmless untruth. She was, after all, his half-sister according to a specific verse. Abram may have justified it in his mind, but it was deception. He jeopardized the sacred bond of his own marriage to protect himself.

Just as Abram anticipated, the Pharaoh took Sarai and gave livestock to Abram. Pharaoh's household was afflicted by the consequences of Abram's deception. Pharaoh returned Sarai to Abram and asked him to leave the land along with the gifts he had bestowed upon him. It appears that Abram was dishonest and benefited from it.

There are moments when it feels like an invisible hand is mercifully protecting us from the outcomes of our doubts. One might appear to thrive despite wrongdoing. However, Genesis 13 recounts the issues that arose due to the abundance of his possessions.

Wealth does not always equate to blessings. It resulted in splitting Abram's household and causing a lot of distress. It's interesting to think about how the narrative might have changed if Abram had not succumbed to fear and instead chose to speak honestly, putting his faith in the Almighty who had revealed himself to him. However, God did fulfill his promises to Abram and kindly met with him once more.

Reflect on this: Regardless of how amazing our encounters with the God have been, the allure of temptation may cause us to stray due to our wavering belief. Appearances can be deceiving. Wrongdoings have repercussions in this life.


“Dear Lord, thank You for Your love and for keeping me alive until today.I have come before You because I am full of flaws and weaknesses and sometimes when certain things happen, my faith and trust in You are easily shaken.

Please Lord, help me to trust and have faith in You always, regardless of what life throws at me.I know that You have written my path in this living world, help me follow it without questioning Your choices.

Thank You Father, I say this prayer in Your name. Amen.”

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