Update:1/23/23 Watchman Preparing for the Arrival of Mayhem, I See a Great Deal of Difficulties for the Established System–Death

HNewsWire: According to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, seven persons were shot and murdered in two different incidents near Half Moon Bay on Monday afternoon.

The sheriff's office said that four people were found deceased around the 12700 block of Cabrillo Highway at about 2:22 p.m. Another victim was sent to Stanford Medical Center with potentially fatal injuries. According to the sheriff's office, three more victims were discovered dead at a separate place in the region shortly after that finding.

The suspect, 67-year-old Half Moon Bay resident Zhao Chunli, was apprehended at 4:40 p.m. in his vehicle in the parking area of the Half Moon Bay substation, according to the sheriff's office. He was apprehended without incident, and a weapon was discovered in his car. According to Half Moon Bay Councilmember Debbie Ruddock, the victims are Chinese farmworkers. The motivation for the shootings is being investigated.

12 People Injured in Shooting at Louisiana Nightclub

HNewsWire: BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A dozen people were injured in a Baton Rouge nightclub shooting, authorities in Louisiana said Sunday. One of the victims is in critical condition, police said. No arrests have been made, but police believe the early morning attack was “targeted."

"This was not a random act of violence, based on the preliminary investigating efforts," Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul said at a news conference Sunday afternoon. “We believe that this was a targeted event, where someone was specifically targeted and others were injured in that process."

Three Baton Rouge police officers were nearby when the shots were fired around 1:30 a.m. and responded to the Dior Bar & Lounge. They administered life-saving aid until emergency medical technicians arrived.

“We believe their immediate response prevented further injuries,” Paul said. Although police have some leads, Paul urged anyone else with information about shooting to come forward. “There is someone who knows something — do the right thing. You can save the next incident because it is obvious that this person has total disregard for life,” Paul said.

Police did not say how many of the people shot were targeted. Paul declined to comment on how many shooters opened fire. “I do understand the interest and everybody wanting information, but remember ... we have to get this right,” Paul said about the ongoing investigation. “And sometimes, getting it right means I can't give information right now.”

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome — who met with mayors of other major U.S. cities in Washington, D.C., last week, to discuss the issue of crime — called the shooting “a senseless act of violence that will not go unchecked.”

“We will not stop our work until everyone feels safe and individuals no longer turn to guns to resolve their differences,” Broome tweeted. Although the number of homicides in Baton Rouge decreased last year from 2021, Louisiana’s capital city has been plagued by gun violence. In October, an early-morning shooting near Southern University’s campus in Baton Rouge left nine people injured.


Tough NYC Subway Attack on Fox News Weatherman

(HNewsWire) A group of teenagers on a New York City subway train viciously assaulted Fox News weatherman Adam Klotz. After witnessing a group of teenagers harassing an elderly passenger, Klotz attempted to interfere.

The 37-year-old meteorologist claimed in a social media post, "This older gentleman was being hassled by this bunch of seven or eight adolescents."

I told them to stop, like, right then and then. They ultimately concluded, "If he isn't going to get it, we'll give it to you." Klotz said, "Boy, did they give it to me. "I was on the floor and they had me cornered. Even my ribs are banged up. They managed to get their shots off."

The three juvenile offenders were taken into custody by the NYPD, but later released. A representative for the NYPD told the New York Post, "Juvenile reports were created, and their parents were called to bring them up."

Fox meteorologist Janice Dean stated, "People have every right to feel unsafe in this city." It's a citywide problem in New York. Fox veteran and former employee Todd Starnes has spoken out against the attack and the district attorney's decision to free the perpetrators.

You get this when you elect Democrats to office, Starnes warned. They are more concerned with the welfare of the perpetrators than the victims.


10 Dead, 10 Wounded In LA Lunar New Year Attack

HNewsWire: Prepare For Mayhem, Thats Coming : Late Saturday night, in a city on the eastern fringe of Los Angeles, a man opened fire at a ballroom dance establishment where people were celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year, killing 10 before leaving the scene, according to authorities.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has described the suspect as an Asian male.

Five hours after the incident in Monterey Park, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department reported that 10 additional persons had been sent to area hospitals to be treated for their injuries, with at least one in severe condition.

Captain Andrew Meyer of the local police force told reporters at the site that when officers arrived, individuals were "pouring out of the location screaming."

The incident occurred after 10 p.m. PST at the site of a Chinese Lunar New Year festival, which draws tens of thousands of people from all over Southern California to the city's downtown streets for the festivities. The celebrations scheduled for Sunday, according to the police, have been called off.

About 7 miles (11 km) from Los Angeles's central business district is the city of Monterey Park, home to some 60,000 inhabitants. U.S. Census estimates place its Asian population at almost two-thirds, and the city's reputation for its abundance of Chinese restaurants and supermarkets reflects this fact. The sheriff's office has stated that it is unsure if the incident was motivated by racism.

The injured, many of whom appeared to be middle-aged, were placed onto stretchers and transported to waiting ambulances in video footage captured by local television outlets.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Seung Won Choi, owner of a seafood BBQ restaurant close to the assault location, said that three customers raced into his business and ordered him to shut the door because a man was firing numerous shots into the dance club across the street.

According to the White House, Vice President Joe Biden was briefed on the attack and has requested assistance from the FBI in their investigation.

The United States is unfortunately no stranger to mass shootings, and the attack in Monterey Park was the bloodiest since a shooter in Uvalde, Texas, slaughtered 19 pupils and 2 teachers in May 2022. In 1984, a gunman killed 21 people at a McDonald's in San Ysidro, California, which was the bloodiest shooting in California's history.

The phrase the time of Jacob’s trouble comes from Jeremiah 30:7, which says, “Alas! for that day is great, so that none is like it: it is even the time of Jacob’s trouble; but he shall be saved out of it” (KJV). It is our view that the time of Jacob’s trouble corresponds to the seven-year tribulation of the end times.

In the previous verses of Jeremiah 30, the Lord is speaking to Jeremiah the prophet about Judah and Israel (Jeremiah 30:3–4). In verse 3, the Lord promises that, one day in the future, He will bring both Judah and Israel back to the land He had promised their forefathers. But their return will involve many distresses: “How awful that day will be!” (Jeremiah 30:7). It will be “the time of Jacob’s trouble”—Jacob being a synecdoche for all the nation of Israel. Verse 5 describes Jacob’s trouble as a time of great fear and trembling. Verse 6 describes it in terms of the pains of childbirth, indicating a time of agony. But there is hope for the people of Israel, for the Lord promises He will save them. Even though this is “the time of Jacob’s distress” (NASB), and even though “in all history there has never been such a time of terror” (Jeremiah 30:7, NLT), God will deliver His people.

ATLANTA BURNS! Antifa Wages War Against Police

HNewsWire: After the death of an activist and the injury of a state trooper during a raid of "Cop City," violent Antifa protectors are calling for a "Night of Rage" against police officers.

On Wednesday, troopers from the Georgia State Patrol conducted a "clearing operation" in the unincorporated area surrounding the site of the projected $90 million Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.

The director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, Michael Register, stated at a press conference that the shooting was justified self-defense because the protester had opened fire "without notice" on the trooper.

Fires are burning across downtown Atlanta as Antifa clashes with police. A number of police cruisers have been set on fire. Downtown businesses have been looted and vandalized. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene called it a left-wing terrorist insurrection.

Activists are now calling for a 'Night of Rage' and bloodshed against the police following the shooting – threatening to enact 'reciprocal violence' against the authorities

Activists are now calling for a 'Night of Rage' and bloodshed against the police following the shooting – threatening to enact 'reciprocal violence' against the authorities

In a statement posted on social media, the Scenes from the Atlanta Forest account said: 'A call for retaliation. Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies.

'On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade.'

The protestors, who call themselves forest defenders, are claiming that the police have 'murdered' one of their own and are demanding 'action'.


This Would Explain the Antifa Soy Boy BLM Anarchists DNA, Dad’s are No-Where

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to Be Found, Probably Curled up in Fetus Position , a Whole Generation of Delusional Children, Portland “Wall of Moms” Mobilizes to Protect Protests From Police Trying to bring peace back Portland, These are not mothers, they have no parenting skills whatsoever, they have raised a bunch of brats, hell-bent on instruction Anti-American Pro Anarchists Portland Mayor…

As Tribulations Moves Into Its Second Year, January 1, 2021… God’s Delusion

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Upon the Ungodly Will Become Stronger — Seattle Antifa Who Calls for Violence Works as Children’s Camp Counselor… An Antifa militant who publicized a hit list of Seattle business owners has been identified as a trans nonbinary furry and children’s camp counselor who has been arrested multiple times at violent protests. Mikaele Andrew Baker, 23,…

Hell On Earth — Black Lives Matter Leader Demands Biden Follow BLM Agenda

By StevieRay Hansen | November 20, 2021 |

I use the term “pagan” to refer to any value system that is contrary to God and His word.  Unfortunately, pagan values are often the norm, permeating every aspect of society including education, politics, law, art, literature, music, and so on.  To stand against paganism is not merely to resist the final forms it takes…

When Will BLM, Antifa Crowd Going to Get Around to Burning Churches

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the Bible? Well, That’s Coming, What They Don’t Understand Is God Is in Our Hearts, and If You Kill Us, You’ve Done Us a Favor… Oh they will get to it,  believe me! They are still working on Statues and anything else that defines America at the time of this writing!  This is NOT about…

Pelosi, Schumer Urge Trump to Demand All Protesters Leave Capitol, as

By StevieRay Hansen | January 6, 2021 |

National Guard, FBI Deployed… Yet the Same Two Politicians That Are Demanding Trump Supporters Leave DC Went Silent While Black Lives Matter and Antifa Destroyed Cities Throughout This Country, the Hypocrisy Is Glaring… At the siege of the Capitol continues, moments ago top Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued a statement in which they…


By StevieRay Hansen | January 4, 2021 |

REPUBLICANS NEED TO MATCH ANTIFA, BLM VIOLENCE AFTER COURT QUASHES ELECTORAL SUIT… One of the signs of the end times I speak about in this article is that “lawlessness” in society will  become pervasive. Hear the words of Jesus as he mentions this fact in His message about end times events: Matthew 24:12: “And because lawlessness will abound,the…

Texas Has Very Little Tolerance for Satan Soldiers, Anti-American Scumbags Like

By StevieRay Hansen | December 14, 2020 |

Antifa, BLM and Other Liberal Terrorist Groups… His people are NOW in military action. In Scripture, God is described as “a warrior” (Ex 15:3), and “the one who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you” (Deut 20:4), who is “mighty in battle” When you mess with Texans you just…

This Is Only the Beginning — BLM/Antifa Thugs Attack Trump Supporters

By StevieRay Hansen | November 15, 2020 |

including Children, After D.C. “Million MAGA March”… You’re getting a preview of what will happen once Donald Trump is declared the winner in this election. There will literally be blood flowing in the streets, be prepared. Massive crowds of people converged at Freedom Plaza in Washington on Saturday, joining other rallies around the country to show…

Expect the Unexpected November 3 Around 11:00 PM — Top Coup Experts

By StevieRay Hansen | November 3, 2020 |

Training Left With Revolutionary Tactics Ahead of Election… Using their expertise in past coups, professionals who assisted in overthrowing governments globally have developed thorough resources and a radical guide to instruct far-left groups — who have been training for months — in toppling a government.  Under the guise of preventing a coup, left wing groups…

White House: 250 Soldiers on Standby to Handle Election Night Chaos

By StevieRay Hansen | November 2, 2020 |

God Ordained Trump, No Keyboard Warriors Soy Boy Mom’s Boys Are Going to Change That, Get Used to It for the Next Four Years… President Trump is bracing for a surge of post-election day unrest in the US by building a “non-scalable” barrier surrounding the White House complex, according to CNN. “The White House on…

Sources: toddstarnes  HNewsWire

Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?

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