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A New Apple Crisis?...

Hundreds of workers struggled with officials and breached isolation barriers at Apple's Mac Book production in China, Bloomberg reported, citing local media sources.

Workers at the Mac Book facility in Shanghai, operated by Taiwan's Quanta Computer Inc., were enraged by the constant "closed-loop manufacturing" (which implies they were kept on-site and quarantined to keep production humming). The event happened Thursday night.

Afraid of "closed-loop manufacturing," pandemic prevention is too stringent. "Rioting" at Quanta's Shanghai facility stunned the company. Employees of Shanghai Dafeng Electronics, a Shanghai Quanta subsidiary, rioted on Thursday, May 5. The corporation has recently reopened, but not entirely. As shown in the video, hundreds of teenage workers disobeyed the order, leapt over the fence, and raced away, clashing with the guards. "RFA China tweeted that personnel are unsatisfied with epidemic prevention and control and want to go purchase civilian supplies.

Laut UDN, the riots broke out when Quanta "forbade workers who had returned to work from returning to the dormitory area during off-duty hours, sparking panic among employees who feared being isolated and controlled." In response to the stringent epidemic control, the gang surged into the dormitory area to provoke rioting.

Quanta, Apple's top Mac book plant, has been doing closed-loop manufacturing for a month to keep employees safe. Bloomberg reported that the plant was back to regular operations Friday morning. Apple recently warned that supply shortages will cost the business $4 billion to $8 billion this quarter.

Shanghai has been enforcing a zero-COVID policy (backed by the Politburo) for over a month. Ebola prevention and control is "improving," according to Reuters. Closed-loop manufacturing kept certain plants operating. Thanks to this, 90% of the country's leading industrial enterprises are back in business.

In order to feed and lodge thousands of employees at a time, it is uncertain how long the closed loops can last. According to MSM, the technology also prohibits staff from communicating with anybody outside the loop.

The incident at Quanta on Thursday night demonstrates employees' dissatisfaction with tight restrictions and may lead to more strikes.

The King Has Spoken:

According to the SCMP, this was the first time that Xi has come out in support of the country's lockdown in the city of Shanghai.

Local officials have halted public transportation lines in Beijing, forced individuals to work from home, and conducted mass testing in an attempt to stem the outflow of cash.

After the last meeting of the Politburo Standing Committee, the Politburo released a statement in which it emphasized that the Chinese people must be resolute in the face of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

According to a statement released after the conference, "we must be tough in fighting sentiments of apathy and self-righteous thinking, as well as underestimating this disease."

"We must maintain our composure and stick unwavering to the overarching policy of dynamic zero-Covid. Fighting words and actions that distort, challenge, or reject our country's anti-epidemic guidelines and policy is essential."

It should come as no surprise that President Xi has felt the necessary to speak out personally about the lockdowns. As previously stated, the lockdown in China's financial and economic capital has resulted in widespread public outcry (or at least as much outcry as government criticism ever gets in China), with residents complaining of food shortages, difficulties obtaining medical treatment, and fences being erected outside residential buildings to prevent residents from fleeing.


SRH: Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is in danger in China, and its survival may depend on government actions. Apple's revenues have shifted to China, and the corporation is focusing more resources there.

A week after being locked down, hundreds of employees at Quanta Computer Inc's (OTC: QUCPY) Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) device plant in Shanghai battled with police.

Quanta relies on Apple for nearly half of its income, assembling MacBooks and other gadgets.

Workers rushed past barricades and clashed with guards in white safety gear who sought to keep them inside.

Due to positive Covid instances on campus, workers were concerned about additional restrictions.

Workers at the Quanta plant in Shanghai's Songjiang neighborhood sought to return to dormitories after their shifts.

Apple may be transmitting critical information to US spy agencies, according to a new revelation. Apple has vehemently disputed the charges, but it is still in hot water with the Chinese government and people. This is not going to go away, and Apple investors should prepare for a rough ride in China.

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