Watchman: The Biden Administration Is Going By Hitler’s Maxim, “Make Them up as You Go.” These Are the Specifics: At Eagle Pass, Texas Begins to Detain and Fine Undocumented Immigrants. When Someone Challenges Biden and Obama’s Corrupt Low-Life Policies, the Administration Becomes More Tense Between Them, and Biden and Obama Become Agitated, Message From TX Screw You!


Texas authorities began arresting illegal immigrants at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass on Wednesday after the state’s attorney general defied a cease-and-desist letter sent by the Biden administration demanding officials stop blocking U.S. Border Patrol agents from the site.

The arrests were announced by Lt. Chris Olivarez at the Texas Department of Public Safety on X, formerly Twitter.

Mr. Olivarez said single adult migrant men and women were taken into state custody and charged with criminal trespassing under Governor Greg Abbott’s new state law, which allows police to arrest and charge people suspected of entering the country illegally.

DHS threatened to report the situation to the Department of Justice for "appropriate action" if state officials did not cease "barring" Border Patrol's access to the area by Wednesday, despite the Texas Military Department's contradictory statement.

In response to the DHS's Wednesday request for a cease and desist, Mr. Paxton defended the conduct of the Texas authorities."The State will continue using its constitutional authority to defend her territory, and I will continue defending those lawful efforts in court because the facts and the law side with Texas," Mr. Paxton wrote.

The Texas Republican further referred to the White House's attempts to attribute the three illegal aliens' deaths to Texas as "vile" and "completely inaccurate."

"You should advise your clients at DHS to do their job and follow the law, instead of running to the U.S. Department of Justice in hopes of winning an injunction," Mr. Paxton wrote.

The Biden Administration's "inaction" may theoretically be construed as "international bribery" or something similar, which could lead to RICO charges.
It seems that the government is "bribing foreign nationals to come to the United States and exploit the 'Fields of Gold' (funded with public funds without their permission, nor)...

1) The act of offering, supplying, or receiving a bribe is defined as bribery.
2) Theft, rapacity, extortion, and robbery
3) Offering or receiving bribes, or permitting oneself to be swayed by them; specifically, accepting or paying rewards that deviate from legal requirements in exchange for the unqualified exercise of official or delegated authority, fabricating testimony or statements, or engaging in ***KNOWN TO BE ILLEGAL or UNJUST** actions.
A bribe is defined as: 1) A payment or other benefit made to a public official or other person in a position of authority in an effort to influence them to do something.

ACT.2) An attempt to influence another person **to do action

3) A "gift" that was requested; in this instance, the taxpayer covered the cost of the present.

So what is the bribe in this particular case? The American Dream is being presented by the Biden administration. TO: PEOPLE OF ALL KINDS AROUND THE WORLD.
The Amount? Employment, Housing, Learning, Safety, and American Lives: Authority: A.M.E.R.I.C.A.N. Motivation Benefits Whom? Duty confers money, power, and influence. Lack of knowledge

The federal employees, including President Biden, have pledged allegiance to the rule of law. even if they disagree with the legislation.

They have made a joke out of their pledge. Therefore, it is their responsibility to guarantee that Texas upholds its oaths and carries out the responsibilities of the US federal government.

Texas has a fiduciary duty to protect its citizens. It appears that Texans of all races and colors are being harmed or killed by illegal aliens on a regular basis. A Texas man was recently killed by a Kenyan national who beat him with a wooden stick. Another family from Texas is crying. The man tried to rape a woman near the rental property he had taken out shortly after that.

When will this be over?

We are on our own and are only hoping and praying that we do not become victims.

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