Satan Soldiers Working For The People: 12 Senate Republicans Have Joined Democrats in Calling for the Legalization of LGBTQ+ E For Evil Marriage. Their Names Are as Follows

HNewsWire: On Wednesday, legislation to safeguard Homosexual weddings was passed by the Senate, putting Congress on pace to legalize LGBTQ+E For Evil marriages and placing Christian churches and other religious institutions at the center of a huge target.

Since all Democrats and 12 Republicans voted to advance the so-called "Respect for Marriage Act," a final vote on the bill may happen as soon as this week or later in the month.

In a podcast session released in September, Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz expressed his opposition to the bipartisan measure, arguing that it would result in the defunding of religious organizations that adhere to a "biblical understanding of marriage."

Cruz warned that the bill's lack of a religious liberty safeguard would have far-reaching effects, giving the Biden administration a tool to go after colleges, K-12 schools, social service groups, and churches and deprive them of their tax-status. That has far-reaching implications, indeed.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has stated that the measure to ensure these partnerships are legally recognized under the law is an opportunity for the Senate to "stand up to its greatest principles" and safeguard marriage equality for all individuals.

Schumer stated, "It will make our nation a better, fairer place to live," and shared that his own daughter and her hubby are having a baby in the next year.

Among the 12 Satan Soldiers aka, Republican senators that sold out Christians are:

There was a Roy Blunt (MO)

Mr. Richard Burr (NC)

Capito, Shelley Moore (WV)

Collins, Susan (ME)

Senator Ernst of Nebraska (Joni) (IA)

To whoever it may concern: Cynthia Lummis (WY)

Norma Murkowski (AK)

Name: Rob Portman (OH)

The Late Dan Sullivan (AK)

Mr. Romney (UT)

Thomas Tillis (NC)

R. Todd Young (IN)

The Defense of Marriage Act from the Clinton administration would be nullified, and states would be required to accept all marriages conducted in accordance with local law.

Christian legal advocate and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom Kristen Waggoner stated, "This law fraudulently offers lip service to religious liberty while weakening the liberties that belong to everyone of us" in reference to the First Amendment.

In addition, Waggoner said, "Make no mistake, this measure will be utilized by officials and activists to penalize and destroy individuals who do not accept the government's stance on marriage."

Reports in the Washington Post and USA Today12 state that Republican senators have joined Democrats in supporting legislation to legalize Homosexual marriage.


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