Watchman: The European Union Gave More Than €220,000 in Taxpayer Money to Fund “Demonic Homosexual Drag Queen Projects.” as Their Government Crumbles, Money Well Spent!

Senate Wants Funding for $1 Million Gay Sex & Kink Club Update: Your tax dollars are about to fund renovations for a gay sex and bondage club. Our friends over at Libs of Tik Tok uncovered a $1 million expenditure designated for an LGBT club called “The Aviary.” The club is not so much for feathered fowl as it is for sex and bondage and dungeons and kink parties. Just Google it if you have questions. The Senate Appropriations Committee says the money will be used to renovate the LGBT center in Pennsylvania – at the request of Senators Bob Casey and John Fetterman. Fetterman has since requested that the expenditure be removed from the omnibus bill. But there’s a big problem – it can’t be removed. The only hope is that House Republicans vote down the entire bill –...

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