We’re Really Letting People Suffer on the Street Like Animals? Somehow That’s Progressive? No It’s Tribulation In Full View


HNewsWire:  As poverty spreads throughout the nation's capital, Washington DC has begun to resemble other Democrat-run cities around the country.

According to the New York Post, the number of homeless encampments has increased to an estimated 120 in the last two years as a result of plandemic-era decisions by both the municipal and federal governments to suspend enforcement activities, making it an easy choice for itinerants to set up shop.

The Post found at least 35 vagrants in residence at a National Park Service site two blocks from the White House, more than 20 in the green spaces surrounding the State Department complex, and five across the street from the infamous Watergate Hotel during a tour of the district's major tourist areas this week.

Furthermore, these sites accounted for fewer than 5% of the estimated 120 tent cities in Washington, D.C. -New York Post

"It's terrible and medieval," said Robert Westover, 59, a longtime DC resident. "Are we really allowing people to suffer like animals on the streets? Isn't that progressive?"

Tourists are taken aback.

"'The land of milk and honey' – it suggests that there is nothing lacking in America," remarked Elvis Shu, 39, of Cameroon. "I'm startled because I know people don't go hungry here."

Another visitor, Moti, 48, from Israel, stated, "We didn't expect to see the homeless here close the White House." "I assumed it was a wealthy city," his wife, Orli, remarked. "It's a Democrat in the White House, and Democrats, you know, are more socialist, right?"

Wait until they hear DC's position on bused-in immigration!

According to Daniel Kingery, a homeless man who put up his tent in historic McPherson Square over two years ago, the number of individuals living on the street has increased dramatically since President Biden's inauguration.

"Unfortunately, bleeding hearts lack brains," he continued. "There is so much [donated] food in this park that there aren't enough people to eat it. As a result, they'll either feed it to the birds or throw it away."

""All of these bleeding-heart organizations bring pretty much the same item to the same park and it usually gets thrown away," the 61-year-old added. I threw away sleeping bags, ponchos, and even brand new blankets every now and again."

William Everett Randolph, 66, consented after living at McPherson on and off for five years after moving from Philadelphia. "You've got folks handing out food, juice, socks, all kinds of stuff they need, a toothbrush, toothpaste," he explained.

But it's not the freebies that keep David Graves, 44, who moved to Washington from New York three years ago, at an underpass encampment at 3rd St. and Virginia Ave. SE.

"I moved here, met these brothers, and together we built this society or commune or whatever," Graves explained. "We became a family, recognizing that if we don't stick together and work together, it may be dangerous." -New York Post

According to Stessa.com, Washington DC ranks eighth in terms of the most expensive metro regions in the US, only behind New York City, with a typical monthly rent of $1,976.

While the number of tent cities grows, Mayor Muriel Bowser boasts that the 4,410 persons reported living on the street or in a shelter is the lowest in 17 years. However, the city also reported a 40% rise in the number of encampments in November 2021 compared to November 2020, prompting the Centers for Disease Control to issue a paper instructing towns to leave homeless encampments alone for the length of the outbreak.

"Clearing encampments can scatter people throughout the neighborhood, increasing the risk for infectious disease spread," the CDC explained.

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