Watchman: The Sin Virus Trans People—LGBTQ+E For EVIL,You Are On Notice, Anti-Christ Subhuman Individuals Who Have Mocked God’s Design, Destroyed the Fiber of God’s Blueprint for Man and Woman. Death Will Consume Your Miserable Evil Ungodly Lives in the Days Ahead

HNewsWire Live Stream 24/7 News UpDates and World Events The Sin Virus… HNewsWire: The Sin Virus Trans People — LGBTQ+E For EVIL Democrats invited a witness on Wednesday to testify before the House Judiciary Committee that males are capable of becoming pregnant and having abortions if they so want. Yes, in fact. Aimee Arrambide, executive director of the pro-abortion non-profit AVOW, was questioned by North Carolina Republican Representative Dan Bishop on her definition of a woman. Arrambide said, “I think that everyone can identify for themselves,” leading the Bishop to question, “Do you believe that males may get pregnant and have abortions?” Indeed, fantastic. During the same hearing, Bishop questioned Dr. Yashica Robinson of the reproductive healthcare field what a woman is. Robinson responded, “I think it’s important to educate people like you about why we do the things we……...

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