Watchman: Texas GOP Voters Unite, Calling for an End To Unconstitutional National Guard Deployments, Bring Them Home!

By SRH, The recent success of the Texas proposition and the Idaho Senate’s approval of the Defend the Guard bill highlights the importance of addressing unconstitutional deployments. This issue has become even more critical after the tragic loss of three Georgia National Guard members in a drone strike at their base in Jordan. The base, which serves as a hub for American drones conducting operations in Syria and Iraq, underscores the need for proper oversight. Unconstitutional deployments not only have a devastating impact on service-members and their families but also deplete National Guard resources during domestic crises. This was evident during Hurricane Katrina, where numerous National Guard soldiers from Louisiana and Mississippi were deployed to Iraq, leaving their states vulnerable. Similarly, during the devastating wildfires in Oregon last year, half of the state’s National Guard helicopters were stationed in Afghanistan,……...

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