Revelation 17, Where The Bible Speaks About

Satan Soldiers and The Ruling Elite… The Bible teaches that in the final moments of earth’s history the entire planet will be under the control of a one worldgovernment. Ultimately an autocratic world ruler code named “thebeast” will dominate world affairs. Through his agencies he willdetermine who is to live and who is to die. This despot willnot bring peace. He will be the agent of chaos, destruction anddespair. The one called the beast will bring about a unity of allhumanity by means of terror. We are told, that he will “cause asmany as do not worship the image of the beast to bekilled.” His one concession to those who obey him will bethe right of access to sufficient food, not to banish hunger,but only to maintain life. Food will be rationed for some, for others it will be totally…


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