Watchman: The U.S. Government Has a Long and Unbroken Record of Working With Fascists, Dictators, Drug-Lords, and State Sponsors of Terrorism. The Trail of Blood From This Carnage and Chaos Leads Directly Back to the Steps of the U.S. Capitol and the White House,Biden Is a Bad Actor

  HNewsWire: U.S. clients and puppets have committed the greatest atrocities known to man, from murder and torture to coups and genocide, behind a wall of impunity and protection from the State Department and the CIA. The blood trail left by this violence and anarchy runs right back to the steps of the United States Capitol and the White House. “The concept of an honest puppet is a paradox Washington has failed to overcome everywhere in the globe since 1945,” historian Gabriel Kolko remarked in 1988. What follows is a quick rundown of the failure’s history. Afghanistan is number one. In the 1980s, the United States collaborated with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to destabilize Afghanistan’s socialist government. It provided funding, training, and weapons to troops commanded by traditionalist tribal chiefs whose dominance was endangered by their country’s development in education,……...

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