There Is No Recovery the Worst Economic Crisis Anyone Has Ever Seen, Tribulation

US Government Could Miss Payments as Soon as Dec. 21 WASHINGTON—A bipartisan think tank warned on Friday the U.S. government could start missing payments on its bills as soon as Dec. 21 if Congress fails to raise the debt limit, as top Democrats and Republicans sought a path around such a financial calamity. The Bipartisan Policy Center’s projection, based on updated official data on tax receipts and government spending, underscores the mounting pressure on President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party to find a way to raise the statutory $28.9 trillion debt limit and avoid the heavy economic repercussions that could come with missed payments. Earn up to $11 for every friend who reads this article. You can earn points by sharing articles to friends. With points, you can redeem for gift cards from 100+ top brands, or other benefits. Learn more…


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