Watchman: Alan Dershowitz: Trump’s Criminal Referral by a Panel on January 6 Is “Clearly Unconstitutional.” HNW: if Trump Runs in 2024 and Wins, There Will Be Tribulation and Hell on Earth, It’s Biblical

HNewsWire: HNewsWire: Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) claimed on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday that the DOJ is already going after former President Trump “quite hard,” therefore the House Select Committee’s criminal referral on January 6 is unnecessary. President Joe Biden, according to anchor George Stephanopoulos, indicated that the committee “made an overwhelming argument” the day before. Should we anticipate a referral to law enforcement? The topic of criminal referral, Kinzinger continued, “actually doesn’t have much of a point because DOJ is moving along regardless.” It’s not required, but I believe we’ll be addressing that concern; additional details will be provided as and when the decision is made; in any case, it appears that the DOJ has already initiated this probe. As for the first thing I’m proud of, it’s that we’ve been given the responsibility of telling the American people…


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