The American People Have Allowed Our Elected Officials to Set the Sinful Agenda

The U.S. embassies in Israel, Germany, Brazil, and Latvia are among those that have requested permission from Trump’s State Department to fly the LGBTQ pride flag on their flagpoles There is now enough historical data to connect pedophilia with homosexuality and yet our elected officials continue to push the ungodly agenda down our throats, the Trump administration was correct in refusing to let the three ambassadors fly the rainbow flag . You judges who corrupt God’s laws, you so-called Supreme Court justices who violate the people’s faith conscience,times is short: They perverted justice among themselves (v. 7): “You turn judgment to wormwood, that is, you make your administrations of justice bitter and nauseous, and highly displeasing both to God and man.’’ That fruit has become a weed, a weed in the garden; as nothing is more venerable, nothing more valuable,…


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