“The U.S. Economy Is Obviously Performing Exceptionally Well, With Continued Solid Job Creation, Inflation Gradually Moving Down, and Robust Consumer Spending,” Yellen Said. “I’m Not Anticipating a Downturn in the Economy.” Do You Believe That BS? One of Satan Princess

HNewsWire: As recently as last month, Janet Yellen was out telling the world that she didn’t anticipate a recession: “The U.S. economy is obviously performing exceptionally well, with continued solid job creation, inflation gradually moving down, robust consumer spending," she said. "I'm not anticipating a downturn in the economy.” That’s a lovely thought, Janet, but you’re likely going to be proven dead wrong in short order. I predict that the next “shoe to drop” for the United States, economically and regardless of what the stock market does, will be the country slipping deep into recession. In fact, the data supports the idea that we are already in recession. The beauty of Austrian economics is that I shouldn’t even need to reason as to why we are heading for a deep recession: the fact that rates are at 5% after sitting...

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