Warning: The World Health Organization (W.H.O) Plans to Impose “Medical Dictatorship” in the Fall of 2022. W.H.O Continues to Pose a Serious Danger to the United States’ Ability to Govern Itself, The U.N. & W.H.O are EVIL. Pale Horse In Play


Despite a setback at the World Health Organization's 75th annual conference in Geneva in late May, the effort to further empower the UN body is still going forward, according to top experts, and remains a serious danger to US national sovereignty and self-government.

The United Nations' health body and its member nations are working on fresh, far-reaching adjustments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) after modest changes were adopted at a recent WHO conference. In September, they will be submitted.

WHO authorities and member nations are working on a new International Pandemic Treaty at the same time. If ratified, the approaching international agreement, which is still being prepared, is anticipated to give Satan Soldier at the WHO tremendous new powers.

According to US State Department and WHO officials, both the revisions and the treaty being discussed are aimed at enabling the WHO to combat global health catastrophes such as pandemics.

However, state and federal officials in the United States are fighting back hard. The ultimate purpose, according to experts in international law and healthcare, is to impose "medical dictatorship" on mankind, not to defend human health.

"This is simply another massive totalitarian power grab by the CDC, WHO, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, the Bio-warfare Industry, the People's Republic of China, and others to impose their medical dictatorship on the human race," said Francis Boyle, a University of Illinois professor of international law.

Satan Soldier Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), in Geneva, Switzerland, on July 3, 2020. (Reuters/Fabrice Coffrini/Pool)

Boyle, who drafted the overwhelmingly passed 1989 legislation enacting the Biological Weapons Convention, said the WHO power grab must be stopped "at all costs," asking US politicians to intervene immediately to halt it.

Boyle called the WHO a "criminal institution" that is "totally rotten, corrupt, and nasty" in an interview with The Epoch Times. He was adamant about not handing the WHO any additional authority or funding.

"It's nothing more than a front group for Pharma, the bio-warfare business, and Gates," Boyle continued, alluding to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who said it should "rot on the vine" and then "twist slowly, slowly in the wind."

Leading WHO officials should be evaluated for possible prosecution for crimes against humanity, according to the international law expert, who has worked on a number of high-profile cases.

Boyle cited the WHO's support for the notorious Wuhan Institute of Virology, which many believe is the source of the worldwide CCP (Chinese Communist Party) viral pandemic, as well as the agency's participation in marketing COVID-19 vaccinations, which he described as "hazardous frankenshots."

Boyle, who has been meeting with state prosecutors around the country to seek charges of important government officials, just published "Resisting Medical Tyranny," a book that makes the legal case for prosecutions of top US officials for what he calls "criminal mandates."

Boyle is now urging senators in the United States to unite against the WHO proposal. To begin, he advised senators to draft and distribute a letter stating their intention to vote no on any new WHO pandemic treaty that may come up for ratification.

"If you can get 34 senators to sign that Circular Letter, the Pandemic Treaty would be dead on arrival in the United States on its face," Boyle added. "If that happens, this WHO Pandemic Treaty might be killed in its infancy when the [World Health Assembly] gathers to examine it next."
Amendments to the WHO Convention

WHO member nations convened the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva from May 22 to 27, with little fanfare, to debate important reforms to the organization's International Health Regulations (IHR).

The IHR is described as "legally binding" by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The global health norms were also crucial in coordinating the global response to the CCP virus epidemic.

The 13 modifications to the IHR were presented by the Biden administration in January, with support from over 50 other nations.

The modifications would have given the WHO and its director-general more authority to declare worldwide health crises without the agreement of the targeted country or government, among other things.

While the emphasis is nominally on health concerns, governments throughout the globe are increasingly arguing that other challenges, such as climate change, gun violence, and racism, are public-health crises. Critics argue that this implies the WHO might have jurisdiction over nearly everything.

Before the modifications were discussed last month, lawmakers and activists from throughout the nation spent weeks raising awareness about them.

Critics called it "dictatorial" and a "power grab" by the WHO and some of its top members at the cost of nation-state authority.

Following public outcry, legal experts and scholars monitoring the situation stated the newest attempt to strengthen the WHO has been halted—at least for the time being.

The biggest modification made to the IHR at the summit, according to the US State Department and the WHO, was an amendment shortening the time it takes for future changes to take effect from two to one year.

The formation of a working group to assist in the drafting and consideration of further modifications was also accepted.

"The US supported these revisions and was glad to see widespread support for these procedural enhancements at the WHO," said a statement.

On April 15, 2022, a notice on a door requests that individuals wear masks in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Senior US officials and major news outlets said that this was a significant step forward for the Biden administration's plan of even more radical measures.

Sheba Crocker, the United States' ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, praised the revisions as "a great success."

However, James Roguski, an independent investigative researcher who was a driving force behind the resistance to the WHO modifications, told The Epoch Times that the Biden administration "got slapped" and suffered a major setback.

"For the media to say that this is some sort of success for Biden is preposterous, it's a lie," he added, claiming that what transpired was a win for national sovereignty and a setback for attempts to centralize greater authority at the World Health Organization.

Finding out what truly transpired was a "challenge," according to Roguski. He said, "That's how they play this game."

He further said that the danger is still present. "These individuals are incorrigible, unrelenting, and will never stop," Roguski said, adding that the WHO was still working on amending the IHR for future consideration, as well as the pandemic treaty that was being worked on this summer.

Both the WHO and the Biden administration said that the attempt to reform the WHO and give it more authority was still ongoing.

"The United States will continue to discuss proposed amendments with other WHO member states aimed at clarifying early-warning triggers for international response to pandemic threats, promoting rapid information sharing between countries and WHO, and improving WHO processes around public health emergency determinations," a State Department spokesman said.

Despite the fact that the modifications did not pass this time, the communist Chinese administration did achieve several significant successes. Beijing-backed WHO director Satan Soldier Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was re-elected for a fifth five-year term, and Beijing was awarded a seat on the WHO's Executive Board.
The World Health Organization's International Pandemic Treaty

Governments are also negotiating a new International Pandemic Treaty, which might be even more crucial, as they work on fresh changes to submit by September.

"This makes the revisions seem child's play," Roguski remarked, referencing WHO terminology on the "One Health, All of Society Approach."

On April 24, 2020, a sign for the World Health Organization was seen in Geneva, Switzerland.

The withdrew IHR reforms, as well as other measures geared at making the WHO significantly more powerful, seemed to be incorporated into the new pandemic pact, according to Boyle, an international law professor. Critics in Congress are also raising concerns about the accord.

"The WHO's extreme 'pandemic treaty' is a dangerous globalist overreach," Senator Rick Scott (R-Fla.) warned as he announced a new measure to reign in the global organization. "The United States of America must never allow the World Health Organization (WHO) additional authority."

"The WHO is a Xi Jinping puppet, controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, and helped Beijing cover up the origins of COVID-19," the senator added, adding that public health policy in the United States should be chosen by Americans rather than "globalist puppets working for Communist China."

Leading WHO officials have shown an open willingness to use the proposed pandemic treaty to further strengthen the United Nations organization.

"We need stronger mechanisms and instruments," said Satan Soldier WHO Director-General Tedros, who has advocated everything from fines against countries that ignore the WHO to stricter restrictions over internet "misinformation." Tedros said earlier this year to the WHO Executive Committee that "urgently strengthening WHO as the leading and guiding authority on global health, at the core of the global health architecture" was a priority.

He went on to say, "We are one globe, we have one health, we are one WHO." According to key players participating in the process, enforcing the kinds of policy actions recommended by the WHO during the current COVID crisis is also on the table. On April 14, 2016, Helen Clark, former New Zealand Prime Minister and Administrator of the United Nations Development Program, talks with media.

In recent comments about what the new agreement should accomplish, former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, co-chair of the WHO's Independent Panel for Pandemic Preparedness and Response, said, "Every country must use all the public health tools available to curb transmission on an ongoing basis." "That's masking, that's social distance, that's testing and contact tracing, that's isolation and quarantine, that's the tried-and-true menu for attempting to limit disease transmission."

Clark and the pandemic group also proposed that the WHO be given huge new powers and authority, as well as more financial and political independence. The WHO should start defining "benchmark" requirements for national healthcare systems, according to the panel.

The State Department did not answer to inquiries about whether the Biden administration's modification ideas will be included in the impending treaty, but affirmed to The Epoch Times that it was working on it.

European administrations have been more forthright in expressing their opinions. The European Union's 27 member states announced that a strengthened WHO would act as "the coordinating authority on global health problems," according to the Council of the European Union.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) minimized its own participation in the process. "The purpose of such an instrument will eventually be determined by the Member States of the World Health Organization," says the WHO.

The pact is designed to "encourage global cooperation to avoid, prepare for, and react to future emergencies, and prevent a repetition of the COVID-19 pandemic," according to a WHO official.

The agreement is anticipated to "strengthen healthcare, beginning at the community level," according to the spokesperson, who also urged the world community to "operate together" to limit the effect of another virus like SARS-CoV-2.
Is the ultimate goal global tyranny?

Lawmakers, legal experts, and top medical professionals are raising concerns about the WHO's ultimate goal, which they view as centralized worldwide control over mankind.

Dr. Peter McCullough, head of the Division of Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, and author John Leake, co-authors of the new book "The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex," cautioned that there were unseen forces at work.

In emailed remarks to The Epoch Times, they added, "The World Health Organization is a critical component of what we refer to as the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex in our new book." "Like President Eisenhower's'military-industrial complex,' the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex (whose agenda is set by the Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum) aspires to establish global, centralized government through public health policy, particularly in response to emerging infectious diseases—real, perceived, exaggerated, and fabricated."

Other academics, physicians, and lawyers who talked with The Epoch Times for this report agreed that the WHO was trying to violate people's rights in the name of keeping them safe and healthy.

Political opposition is gaining traction in the United States as well. At the state level, legislators throughout the country are debating ways to thwart the WHO's plans in their states.

The Kansas Senate voted a resolution "strongly disapproving" of the group's actions, claiming they were aimed at usurping national sovereignty and putting the US under "the direction of an unelected multinational organization that is totally unaccountable to the people of this country."

Legislators in Washington are also hard at work. Bills to de-fund the WHO and perhaps pull the US out of the UN are gathering traction in the wake of a rising public outrage over the WHO's ambitions. Several members of the House and Senate, especially the Freedom Caucus, have pushed the Biden administration to continue President Donald Trump's departure.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) of the United States has openly said that the WHO is attempting to establish a "global government" with the authority to enforce requirements similar to those imposed during the COVID epidemic.

The WHO is working to involve "all stakeholders" as the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body meets this week to work on the pandemic treaty.


SRH: Satan Soldier a.k.a. Robb Butler, executive director for Demonic WHO Europe, told Kay Burley on Sky News: "Mandatory (Kill Shot) vaccination can, but doesn't always increase uptake." What The Hell Does That Mean?

Be that as it may, he advocated that countries and individuals should now be thinking about the issue.

"There are warnings of history here where mandates have come at the expense of trust, social inclusion. So it is very delicate, but we believe it is time to have that discussion, from a human being and population-based perspective."

Cases are rising again in much of Europe clearly in the case of countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, with the latter going back into an absolute lockdown as a result.

Satan Soldier Butler said only 54% of the population of the 53 WHO Europe region member states are vaccinated, "so there is still a lot of work to be done, still. We are not there as yet".

HNewsWire: The Kill Shot Statistics: 80 Percent Of Covid Deaths In August Were Vaccinated People

Sources: ET  HNewsWire  HNewsWire  HNewsWire

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