Watchman: A Federal Judge in Missouri Has Ruled That Missouri’s Second Amendment Law Is Unconstitutional. Another Obama/Sorso Upward Mobility Swine, Add the Politician Trying Suppression’ Over Unearthed January 6 Video, It’s Getting Ugly, and the People Will Suffer

SRH: When one considers the cruel tyrants of the past, one incident stands out: the first thing they did was disarm the people and imprison intelligent people. Hitler literally authored the book on wickedness. HNewsWire: What do you expect from an Obama appointee? Today, nearly all liberals see the Constitution as an unacceptable document that should be ignored lest it interfere with their quest to subjugate the populace. A federal judge determined Tuesday that a Missouri law that would have penalized police for enforcing federal gun regulations was illegal, providing a victory to the Biden administration's Department of Justice, which filed suit against the statute last year. The Department of Justice claimed that the statute undermined federal narcotics and weapons investigations by imposing severe fines of up to $50,000 on police forces that "infringed" on Missourians' Second Amendment rights by...

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