Watchman: America’s Banks Are Not Safe—Collapse Is On The Way–Run!

SRH: An unsecured loan to a bank constitutes your "deposit" with that bank. If the bank fails, you are essentially at the end of the line. Going to be an exceptionally challenging year. HNewsWire: By StevieRay Hansen A consumer spending expert has released a dismal forecast for the US economy in 2024. Harry Dent told Fox Business on Tuesday that “since 2009, this has been 100 percent artificial, unprecedented money printing and deficits: $27 trillion over 15 years, to be exact.” “This is completely manufactured, off the charts, which indicates that things are serious right now. In my opinion, 2024 will be the largest single collapse year of our lives.” “We need to send a message to central banks and get back down to normal,” he continued. “This should be a lesson we never revisit,” he said. I doubt that...

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