Watchman: Because the Kill Shots Have Damaged or Killed So Many People, There Are No Longer Enough Workers to Support the American Economy. According to Ed Dowd the Continuous Collapse Will Be Slow and Incremental. You Are Watching Tribulation Play Out In Real Time



Many people think because Jesus has not yet returned, that He isn’t going to, and that perhaps, the Bible is not true after all. Wrong! Many have come to this conclusion without examining God’s Word or truly considering the possibility, and even the probability, of the existence of God. However, the existence of God and the return of Jesus is absolutely no laughing matter. God has, and I assure you he will continue to, faithfully keep his promises. This means one of two things are certain. You will either leave this life through death, or you will see the day that Jesus comes to take those who are his to be with him in his Father’s house. Exposing and actively resisting the spirit of the Antichrist should be of paramount interest and importance for every Christian. We are so easily led…

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Jesus’ argument to the Pharisees was logical: a kingdom that is at cross-purposes with itself will fall. Any household riven by infighting will tear itself apart. Jesus was obviously casting demons out of people. If Jesus was in league with Satan, or if Satan was somehow working through Jesus, it is unlikely that exorcisms would be a priority, because why would Satan cast himself out? Satan has more practical wisdom than to allow his demonic underlings to group themselves into warring factions. Likely will not be edited or removed any time soon Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, which has been routinely accused of left-wing bias, has a list of ICE facilities under a section titled “concentration and internment camps,” and is keeping it there despite critics requesting it be removed. The list of ICE facilities reappeared on the concentration camps page…

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Matthew 24:5–8 gives us some important clues for discerning the approach of the end times: “Many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many. You will hear of wars and rumors of wars but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen…. We haven’t seen this sort of seismic activity on the west coast in a very long time.  Last month, two monster earthquakes in southern California were followed by thousands upon thousands of aftershocks, and the shaking still hasn’t stopped.  Scientists tell us that the San Andreas fault is “locked and loaded” and that it could potentially “unzip all at once” without any warning at all.  But meanwhile, another ominous threat is looming farther north.  As you will see below, more than 4,500 earthquakes have rattled the Cascadia Subduction Zone over the last…

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The newer COVID "variants" that phony president Joe Biden keeps blabbing about and for which Big Pharma is developing new "booster" kill shots are really a cover tale for all of the jab-induced injuries, impairments, and deaths that are sweeping the country.

There are no longer enough able-bodied, working-age people to fill positions at enterprises that rely on such labor to stay viable. What are the macroeconomic consequences of this shrinking worker pool?

The apparent haste to resurrect COVID KILL SHOTS and transform it into a Plandemic 2.0 event is not by chance. I believes it is precisely timed to coincide with a catastrophic disaster, most likely financial, that will strike this autumn or winter.

HNewsWire: The US government is spending more than $5 billion to accelerate the development of new COVID-19 Kill Shot aka vaccines and treatments, according to a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and a Biden administration official on Monday. The investment, dubbed “Project NextGen” and first announced by White House and HHS officials in an interview with the Washington Post, aims to provide better protection against coronaviruses, such as the one that causes COVID-19, that could pose future threats. “While our vaccines are still  very effective (BS) at preventing serious illness and death, they are less capable of reducing infections and transmission over time,” a spokesperson for the HHS stated. “New variants and a loss of immunity over time could continue to pose challenges to our healthcare systems in the coming years.” Joe Biden’s administration will spend at…

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There is only a technocratic eugenics depopulation agenda in PSYOP.

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Revelation: A Blueprint for the Great Tribulation

A Watchman Is Awakened


Will Putin Fulfill Biblical Prophecy and Attack Israel?




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