Watchman: Everything Changes Without Cheap Energy War Will Drive up Global Food and Gas Prices

HNewsWire: Watchman: Everything Changes Without Cheap Energy War will drive up global food and gas prices. Our entire lifestyle depends on inexpensive energy. Without inexpensive energy, everything changes. That is why this Middle East war could be a turning point for the economy. 31 percent of global oil originates from the Middle East. We'll be in trouble if that supply is shut off for a long time. They will starve humanity to attain their goals: Food Bank Demands Rise as Inflation Wrecks Households, Manufactured Madness, Obama, Soros, and Most Elected Officials Are Evil and Sold Americans Out In the early days of the viral pandemic, thousands of hungry and unemployed people lined up in their automobiles to receive care packages at the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). Due to inflation ruining household budgets and people's inability to buy grocery basics,...

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