Watchman: Fear-Mongering and Rebranding Harmless Colds by the Demonic CDC

The CDC Are Not Health Officials; More Like Terrorists, They Are Worried That a Deadly Flesh-Eating Parasite Could Start Being Spread From Pet Dogs to People in the U.S.this Makes Sense. Talking About Anything With the CDC Is Like Trying to Explain a Train Schedule to a Dog. It Might Just Sit There, Seeming to Pay Attention While Lolling Its Tongue and Waving Its Tail. Ultimately, Though, the Ability to Think Coherently Simply Doesn’t Exist. It’s Not to Blame. It’s Merely the Wiring in Its Head. After That, It Will Retreat Into a Corner and Lick Its Own Butt. With the Dog, It’s the Same “CDC Warns Pet DOGS Could Start Spreading New Deadly Flesh-Eating Parasite to Humans in the US” HNewsWire: Health officials are worried that a deadly flesh-eating parasite could start being spread from pet dogs to people...

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