Watchman: Hannity to Replace Tucker in Massive Fox News Shakeup Turn Out the Lights; The Party Is Over–Fox No News Cable Dead On Arrival–No Hannity BS

Watchmen: As Always Hannity Is Completely Clueless… I Have No Idea, He Says. Hannity Said Earlier This Week That He Didn’t Know Why Carlson Left. Remember When Hannity Asked You to Get the Kill Shot? I Guess He Was Wiser Back Then!. HNewsWire: According to Drudge Report's sources, Fox News is getting ready to announce a major change to its primetime lineup in an attempt to stem the flow of conservative viewers. That includes "a schedule where every hour of primetime will change," the website said. According to Drudge, Tucker Carlson will be replaced by Fox News veteran Sean Hannity. Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld, meanwhile, are poised to land their own prime-time shows. A source told Drudge, "It's our boldest and most fearless line-up ever." Drudge-style all-caps headlines accompanied the website's exclusive announcement that "HANNITY FOXNEWS SHOWCASE: MOVES TO...

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