Watchman: Once CBDC Is Imposed on the Populace, We Won’t Have Any Other Choices. Satan Soldiers, They Shall Dutifully Carry Out Satan’s(Globalist) Wicked Command

Facts: First, in a Cashless Society, All Privacy in Trade Is Conveniently Obliterated, and Second, Banks and Satan Soldiers, the Ultimate Puppet Masters, Reign Supreme. Satan Soldiers, Also Known as Governments, Shall Seize Dominion Over Your Precious Funds. Welcome to the Realm of Eternal Torment and Suffering, Where Pain and Despair Reign Supreme. Prepare to Witness the Horrors That Await You in This Wretched Existence Known as Tribulation HNewsWire: Banks and financial institutions across the Western world are increasingly shutting down personal accounts at an increasing rate, for really no solid and satisfactory reason. Just recently economic forecaster and analyst Neil McCoy-Ward, who moved from England to the Isle of Man relatively not that long ago, had a slew of his bank accounts terminated suddenly and for no real reason, he revealed during a livestream. Just last week McCoy-Ward noted...

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