Watchman: Reiner Fuellmich Is an International Lawyer and Freedom Fighter. When the German Government Caught Him in Mexico, He Was Immediately Taken to Germany and Put in Jail. The People Who Work for Satan Soldiers Can Get to Anyone

Satan’s Soldiers, Who Are Also Called Globalists, Have Their Footprints All Over This Arrest. Are You Starting to Get It? HNewsWire: By Leo Hohmann German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who had been working on a project known as the “Second Nuremburg” to hold the originators of the Covid bioweapon plot accountable, was seized over the weekend by German authorities in Mexico where he and his wife had been staying. He was promptly flown to Germany and arrested. Fuellmich had reportedly lost his passport and scheduled a visit to the German embassy in Tiajuana, Mexico. When he arrived, German authorities were waiting for him and whisked him onto a plane bound for Munich, Germany, where they then arrested him. He is reportedly now sitting in a jail in Frankfurt. The exact charges remain unclear as of this post. But please be in...

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