Watchman Says the Mark Mandated: Satan Soldiers at the World Economic Forum Have Decided That All Citizens Must Be Implanted With a CBDC Microchip in the Very Near Future in Order to Properly Engage in Society and Do Basic Things Like Buy Food and Water—We Have No Say in the Matter

HNewsWire: Implanted under the skin until Elon Musk’s handlers get NeuraLink ready for primetime… The WEF has declared that all citizens must be implanted with a CBDC microchip in the very near future, in order to be able to fully participate in society and do basic things such as purchase food and water. According to Professor Richard Werner, in the very near future citizens will “need to use the latest technology” such as a “CBDC chip implant” in order to access their bank accounts. Professor Richard A. Werner is an economist and professor of banking and finance. He is known as the proponent of a new post-crisis monetary policy he called Quantitative Easing (“QE”) – which he proposed in Japan in 1995 as chief economist of a British investment bank. He has also worked as a researcher at the University of...

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