Watchman Says the Mark of the Beast Is Coming Very Soon: Totalitarian Tyranny via Mandatory Digital ID (Which Will Serve as a Permission System, Provided You Meet All the Requirements for Validity) And Cashless CBDC

HNewsWire: This is a watertight control system. If the perpetrators wish to deny you right to travel outside your 15min zone, your digital ID won’t operate doors and gates. Your “money” won’t be accepted for purchases, period. If they require you to get “vaccinated” to maintain validity of your digital ID, you’ll get jabbed or you’ll suffer mounting restrictions & sanctions. Ultimately, you’ll have no right to access anything or buy anything. Those “vaccines” they’re still lying about? Of the mRNA type, they’re designed to injure, maim and kill. That’s why they’re erecting factories to make billions more doses all over the world. This is a global coup which has already happened. It’s converging on totalitarian tyranny and depopulation. I believe the answer to the “Why are they doing this?” is complex. However, it involves imo a real satanic component....

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