Watchman Says You Can’t Change an Apple Tree Into a Cherry Tree, or a Rooster Into a Pigeon, or a Man Into a Woman. What Kind of Moron Would Put Up With This BS? His 15 Min of Fame Is Over

HNewsWire: While the CEO of Bud Light continues to face harsh criticism for his decision to end the boycott, transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney has left the country for an indefinite amount of time, citing safety concerns. A recent social media post indicated that Mr. Mulvaney was in Peru. "Everyone here is so friendly. The environment here makes me feel very secure. Sad to say, I had to leave my country in order to feel secure. However, things will improve over time. The fact that neither gay marriage nor non-binary genders are recognized in Peru is likely news to Mr. Mulvaney. He's just a weirdo who likes to draw attention to himself by imitating the mannerisms of young women in the valley. He is more accurately a "transvestite" (crossdresser) than a "transgender" person because he still has his nuts and bananas....

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